Monday, January 30, 2012

It's been nearly forever since my last update!

A lot of things have changed while some things have changed the same. To catch you up to speed:

-I lost a bit of weight, but then I got a cold, we went to Disneyland, came back, John got a cold, I got another cold, so did John, then I got Diverticulitis again (third time in 10 years). We slacked big time, and I packed back on 8.4 pounds. Since then though, I dropped another 3 pounds. So presently I'm at 253. I have a goal to get below 200, and then I'll see what I feel like doing after that. I can't remember the last time I was under 200. I was probably 15.
-I've gone gluten free!
-John and I have been together 8 months on the 2nd! He is absolutely amazing and I love him more and more every day! He gives me so many reasons to smile and laugh. I love my life, especially my life with him.
-I've decided that once I'm done paying off my credit card and student loan, I will be looking into going to school to become an LVN. When I finish the LVN program, I will do an RN bridge program.
-One of my best friends, Stephanie, and I are trying to start up our own non-profit organization to help kids who are victims of bullying. Right now we're still waiting to hear from the state if we have their permission to become a "business." After that we will get our business license and start looking for all of our grants and perform fundraisers, too.

Hopefully I'll be back into a somewhat normal pattern of updating this blog, but we'll see!!