Wednesday, February 1, 2012


It's only temporary. Six pounds up from my lowest in 2011. The last two months of the year are chaos for the average person anyway, but throw seasonal depression and you've got a double whammy.
The good news is that it has already started curving back down.

2012 is the year that I will get below 200! I haven't been below 200 since I was probably 15? Maybe even 14 or 13... I really don't remember. That's sad, right? I guess it doesn't really matter, because this year I plan to be at a much healthier weight by the time the winter months roll back around again. I'm tired of being overweight, winded, and not being able to wear cute clothes because I can't fit in them (or I have to pay a lot of money to get something in "my size").

It will be nice to one day be able to buy clothes that aren't in the "plus size" section at Target. I look forward to that happening.

One step at a time, Mil. One step at a time.