Monday, April 18, 2011

Which Way is Up? (Or Mil is having a Not-Quite-Midlife-Crisis)

If this is a midlife crisis, I'm dying at 58 years old...

It seems like every month this year so far, I've had at least one emotional breakdown. I feel as if I'm constantly questioning myself and my future. Do I really want to finish grad school? I love Geology, but do I love it enough to write a 200+ page thesis about something I don't quite understand perfectly? Will I ever understand a concept in Geology enough to write a detailed thesis on it? My weakness in chemistry and physics is often times ridiculously overwhelming. My goal at the beginning of my masters was to one day become a college instructor; however, I feel as if I've lost that desire. The drive is lacking...

I've been thinking a lot about other alternatives... First of all, dropping out of grad school. I'm not certain that this is what I really want, but I've decided that I need some time so that I can really shuffle through all of my thoughts. Things I've been thinking about doing lately instead of grad school?

1. Becoming an EMT (paramedic).
2. Obtaining my multiple subject teaching credential.

Because this is a decision that will change the rest of my life, I've decided to take a semester off to mull it over and really think it all through.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Life is the same old crazy adventure as it has been.

Recently I considered throwing in the towel and running away due to the overwhelming stress levels involved with grad school. I feel like I'm hyperventilating on a near daily basis... This isn't good.
On top of that, two Wednesdays ago I came down with the stomach flu, the following Sunday I ruptured my eardrum, and this past weekend I came down with a cold. I feel like garbage at the moment.
I'm spending today sitting in the recliner, trying to get better. Luckily, two of my professors are out of town this week... So it's the best week I can get sick this semester. Here's hoping I'll be better soon.