Monday, February 14, 2011

So I've been busy, as usual, and I forget to update this. So lately this is what has been going on:
-I broke up with that guy, Brian. He's not a bad guy, it just wasn't a correct fit for me. We agreed to stay friends. It wasn't a disaster of a break up, after all, we only dated for about 2 weeks.
-I've lost 9.5 pounds since the beginning of the semester.
-I aced my geologic time scale quiz.
-I really am starting to get over my fear of drowning and I'm realizing that I'm actually a pretty good swimmer. :)
-My good friend Chris (the one I went to Disneyland with) bought me lilies for Valentines Day, what a sweetie. The girl he was dating broke up with him on Friday night via text message, and I joked that we should be each other's Valentine this year. He thought it would be fun, so we did. He lives in Santa Barbara though.

I came home from school to them. :)
-I decided to wear a shirt that said "FREE HUGS" on it today... I only ended up getting 3 hugs, and two were from friends of mine from the Earth & Environmental Sciences department...

The only other thing that has been going on is that I've decided, quite possibly, that unless something changes... If I can find a decent job in Phoenix-metro after I graduate from graduate school, I'm going to move there for a couple of years. So that way I can spend a lot of time with my best friend Barb while she still has decent health (she's technically considered terminally ill). So as long as she's still living there, I'll be looking into it when I'm finished with grad school. That's a couple of years away, at least (Hopefully only 2 years. It depends on how long it takes me to do my thesis work- which I'll be starting the field research this summer).