Sunday, July 31, 2011

Let's call a spade a spade

John and I live together, no matter how you look at it. I'm slowly moving my things to his house. Every time I go to my parents house, I grab a little bit more to bring to our house. For all intents and purposes, I still "live at home" with my parents. For now, it's mostly because of my insurance and nothing goofy happens with that. Also, we're not sure if his parents might freak out a little that I live with their son already, after only 2 months of dating.

Overall though, it's one of those things that honestly just feels like "Once you know, you know." I know he's "the one" for me, and that I'm going to marry him, and have children with him, and grow old together. He's an amazing man, and absolutely perfect for me. Every day that passes, I fall even more in love with him.

In other news, I've been mulling things around in my head about school. I'm considering looking into becoming a court reporter...but I'm still mulling around nursing, EMT, and even teaching. I'm still not entirely sure, but I think I'm going to give myself a year or so to come to a definite decision.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Sequoia/Kings Canyon

On Sunday John and I went to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. We had a lot of fun taking photos, but I was so exhausted! The elevation also played with my (exercise induced) asthma while we were hiking.
We've been in the habit of taking my childhood stuffed bear on every trip we go on. Why? Because we thought at first it was a cheesy sign that we were meant to meet because my childhood stuffed bear's name was Norton. We also decided it would be amusing to one day create a photo album of all of the places we've been together, but have them be only pictures of Norton (also other photo albums, too, of course!).

Behind John's head is General Sherman, the largest tree on the planet.

On this following Monday, John and I are going to Morro Bay/the central coast! I'm looking forward to it! :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Busy busy!

I haven't updated all that much in a while. The last time I posted over here was in mid-April, and well, some things have changed. I definitely still want to pursue something in the medical field, but I haven't decided yet if it's becoming an RN or something else. I started dating an amazing man named John in early June. We practically live together already (That is to say that I rarely go home, and I'm always sleeping at his place). I already know that this is the guy I'm going to marry someday. Like I said, he's amazing! All of my family that has met him, likes him...same with my friends!

We also adopted a kitten together!

Meet Zim! :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Which Way is Up? (Or Mil is having a Not-Quite-Midlife-Crisis)

If this is a midlife crisis, I'm dying at 58 years old...

It seems like every month this year so far, I've had at least one emotional breakdown. I feel as if I'm constantly questioning myself and my future. Do I really want to finish grad school? I love Geology, but do I love it enough to write a 200+ page thesis about something I don't quite understand perfectly? Will I ever understand a concept in Geology enough to write a detailed thesis on it? My weakness in chemistry and physics is often times ridiculously overwhelming. My goal at the beginning of my masters was to one day become a college instructor; however, I feel as if I've lost that desire. The drive is lacking...

I've been thinking a lot about other alternatives... First of all, dropping out of grad school. I'm not certain that this is what I really want, but I've decided that I need some time so that I can really shuffle through all of my thoughts. Things I've been thinking about doing lately instead of grad school?

1. Becoming an EMT (paramedic).
2. Obtaining my multiple subject teaching credential.

Because this is a decision that will change the rest of my life, I've decided to take a semester off to mull it over and really think it all through.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Life is the same old crazy adventure as it has been.

Recently I considered throwing in the towel and running away due to the overwhelming stress levels involved with grad school. I feel like I'm hyperventilating on a near daily basis... This isn't good.
On top of that, two Wednesdays ago I came down with the stomach flu, the following Sunday I ruptured my eardrum, and this past weekend I came down with a cold. I feel like garbage at the moment.
I'm spending today sitting in the recliner, trying to get better. Luckily, two of my professors are out of town this week... So it's the best week I can get sick this semester. Here's hoping I'll be better soon.

Monday, February 14, 2011

So I've been busy, as usual, and I forget to update this. So lately this is what has been going on:
-I broke up with that guy, Brian. He's not a bad guy, it just wasn't a correct fit for me. We agreed to stay friends. It wasn't a disaster of a break up, after all, we only dated for about 2 weeks.
-I've lost 9.5 pounds since the beginning of the semester.
-I aced my geologic time scale quiz.
-I really am starting to get over my fear of drowning and I'm realizing that I'm actually a pretty good swimmer. :)
-My good friend Chris (the one I went to Disneyland with) bought me lilies for Valentines Day, what a sweetie. The girl he was dating broke up with him on Friday night via text message, and I joked that we should be each other's Valentine this year. He thought it would be fun, so we did. He lives in Santa Barbara though.

I came home from school to them. :)
-I decided to wear a shirt that said "FREE HUGS" on it today... I only ended up getting 3 hugs, and two were from friends of mine from the Earth & Environmental Sciences department...

The only other thing that has been going on is that I've decided, quite possibly, that unless something changes... If I can find a decent job in Phoenix-metro after I graduate from graduate school, I'm going to move there for a couple of years. So that way I can spend a lot of time with my best friend Barb while she still has decent health (she's technically considered terminally ill). So as long as she's still living there, I'll be looking into it when I'm finished with grad school. That's a couple of years away, at least (Hopefully only 2 years. It depends on how long it takes me to do my thesis work- which I'll be starting the field research this summer).

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Life is hectic, but life is good.

I've been so outstandingly busy.

Before classes started back up, I spent most of my free time seeing friends and beading necklaces, because I knew that once classes started again on the 19th I wouldn't have much time for either of those things.

Since the 17th, I started physically seeing someone. I state "physically" in that sentence because I've been talking to him since a few days before Christmas. He's a full time grad student in the Creative Writing department at CSU-Fresno, but he's originally from Venice (he went to UC-Long Beach for his undergrad). So since final exams, he went home to Venice to see his parents and his friends. He made it back up to Fresno on the 16th. We've seen each other almost every day since then (except the last couple of days because of work/class schedule conflicts). I'm not sure when it really became "official," but I've got a boyfriend now. It feels so cheesy or so middle school to say that phrase, but it's true either way. His name is Brian.

Aside from classes starting and the boyfriend, not much else has been going on. I've been working on my fear of drowning in swimming for beginners and water aerobics at CSUF. These will also help me get back into shape and get motivated to get back into shape because I enjoy being in the water. I just need work with holding my breath/blowing bubbles out of my nose and mouth/coming back up for air/not having water shoot down my throat. It's all going to take time. I feel like I had a few too many traumas with pools as a kid. Cousins and siblings. All I have to say is that "kids will be kids" and I'm not blaming them specifically for my fear... It developed through their actions, but they were just kids, so I don't hate them for it. Alan used to push me in the pool a lot as a kid, and my cousin Brian used to drag me to the deep end in his pool and leave me there. Enough years of both of those behaviors kind of made an impact on me collectively. The main point is that I'm "taking the bull by the horns," and I'm getting over it now. Sure, it's years later, but it's getting there!
I did a lot of awesome work this past week. I'm very proud of myself for it! I feel accomplished, even though I still have a long way to go!

I've also started seeing a therapist in the psychological services department at CSUF. I figured everyone needs someone to talk to sometimes, so why not? If the service is already paid for in my tuition, why not. I tend to get stressed out and eat my emotions because I internalize my thoughts, bottle them up until I explode... I'm trying to reverse the years of doing that now.

2011 is basically my year of getting things done. I'm aiming to lose 50 pounds at the least this year... Maybe more if I really get into the swing of things. I'm working on my swimming/drowning fears. I'm working on strengthening my ankle. I'm working hard at getting into shape so that I can do my field work for my thesis better. I'm working hard at school so I can get somewhere.
This is all leading to a happier and healthier future.