Friday, October 29, 2010


I'm trying to get back into the habit of visiting SparkPeople regularly again. I've let my weight get out of control for too long, so I'm telling myself that I'm going to keep track of my food consumption via their site. I do better doing that than trying to keep a physical journal or to do something like Weight Watchers or calorie counting (to be honest, that stuff overwhelms me, and I lose control). SparkPeople works. Just log in a few times a day and jot down what you've eaten. It's that simple.

I'm planning on getting back into exercise again soon. I tried this week to get back into it, but my knees weren't really having it...then I slept on my neck and shoulder wrong and ended up tweaking a muscle pretty bad. For an idea, I don't tend to go to the doctor unless it's something really important or I'm suffering... I went to the health center at CSU-Fresno to talk to my doctor about it. It's been making driving a real chore, and a painful one at that! So anyhow, when my neck and shoulder start to feel better, I'm going to be starting the Couch to 5k program again, from the start.
I also may start taking advantage of the free swim hours at the North Gym pool on campus. Sure, I probably won't be swimming the whole time, but I'll at least aqua jog. That's still movement I wouldn't have been getting otherwise!

As for other aspects of my life...
My love life is still pretty non-existent. I'm casually flirting with a guy I met online, but I'm not in any major hurry to meet him. He actually does live in Fresno and is a student at CSU-Fresno. Nice enough of a guy. If something is meant to happen, it will...but I'm honestly not actively pursuing anything.

School is going alright. The last few weeks had been nothing but exams so I was starting to feel overwhelmed. Then I crossed paths with one of my professors yesterday who informed me that I had one of the highest scores on the hand specimen mineral identification exam. I was really happy about that! I did decent on most of my other exams, with the exception of one. Luckily, that one exam only counts for 10% of our grade for the semester.

Nothing else has really been going on. Life is pretty much the same day to day.

Oh, but I did decide the date I'm going to use my free pass into Disneyland, January 3rd! I'm looking forward to it! I hope it's still decorated for the holidays!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Getting back in gear!

The last couple of weeks have been a total train wreck because of all of the exams and lab assignments I had due. I was stressing out and eating whatever I felt like, to heck with the consequences.
I don't even want to think about how much weight I've gained. But this has got to stop!
I'm going to be hitting the gym at CSUF on my way home in the morning- if it's closed (I don't think so, I think they open at 9 on Saturday), I'll just run in my parents neighborhood when I get home. I don't care if I have to strap on my ankle brace. I'm getting exercise today. When I get exercise regularlly, eating right tends to follow shortly after. So I need to get back in gear!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Next Semester

Now that I'm back in school, it seems like I hardly ever have time to update this thing. Not much new has really been going on. Next semester's list of courses has been released, so I already know what kind of "doom" I'm in for! Two of my three courses next semester, that are required by the department for all graduate students who did not get a BS in Geology, are four unit courses. The other course is a 2 unit course. So next semester I'll be taking two P.E. classes on top of the three classes for my degree. I would take four classes, but this semester has been stressing me out a lot. So I thought that next semester I can drop down to 3 courses and have a potentially easier semester on me. I'll also be in more field trip intensive classes. And who knows, in the small downtime, maybe I can begin studying up on my field area to figure out what hasn't been studied.

I'm dialing down next semester's course load for one other reason. This semester it has been extremely hard for me to get back on the wagon of eating right and losing weight. So I thought I could enroll in two fitness classes (water aerobics and swimming for beginners) to get back into gear. It will also give me a little more free time to make sure I'm getting exercise.

It's hard to go on hiking field trips and feel constantly winded! So I really do need to work on getting into shape! Especially now while it's the prime time to do so!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

3 exams + 1 paper + 4 labs

Stress is 3 exams and a paper all in one week. Luckily, turning the paper in on Friday is only optional. I'm not too concerned in that class as my classmates are all a bunch of drunken fratboys and teenagers, and I'm a graduate student. If we want the professor's feedback, we need to turn in the paper by Friday. It's just not going to happen for me unless I kill myself over it on Thursday night the night before it's due. I won't feel comfortable wasting time on it while I could be studying for my 3 exams. I'm fairly certain I'll do well on at least two of the exams. I'm trying to manage my time well so that I spend equal amounts of time studying for each exam though. If I have 3 hours of time to study on a particular day, I spend an hour on each subject.

I also have 4 lab assignments due in my Stratigraphy class, and I only have two of them completed.

I decided that once I make it through next week without dying...I'm going to treat myself to a movie on Sunday night (next week), and make myself an apple pie (because my favorite apples are only in season for about a month right now, Honeycrisp)! It'll be my reward for doing my best to get a decent grade in my classes!

Oh and did I say? I checked the freeswim hours at the pool at CSU-Fresno. I'm going to start taking advantage of that after next week cools down. :)

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Life has been the same little stress ball that it has been since I started back in classes.

I have two exams in a matter of two weeks, a term paper due in two weeks that I haven't even figured out a topic to do... A second term paper that I'm just trying to figure out what I want my topic on (which I will probably do on my potential field area for my thesis...which has changed). Stress!

I keep trying to get back into control with eating right...and my intentions are good. I'll eat well for the first half of the day, and then the stress hits and it spirals out of control. I need to get to the health center at CSUF- I keep saying I'm going to go, and I haven't gone yet. A lot of the problem is that they close from noon to 1, and my classes get out on the days I'd be able to go, at noon. I guess I could just check in and sit around in the waiting room for an hour- and study for the exams I mentioned previously...yes. That's what I should do. I'll try to go on Tuesday. They will tell me "but we have limited services for this hour," and I'll say, "That's okay, I'll wait!" I'll probably have to schedule appointments for the mental health and the dietitian, but I might be able to see my doctor on Tuesday. I need to see a friendly face that cares about my health.

And as I previously mentioned, in parenthesis above--- I'm considering the Courtright Reservoir for my potential field area for my thesis. You can Google it if you've never heard of it...but it's a reservoir built several years ago in the Sierra Nevadas that has giant granitoid plutons (evidence of an extinct band of volcanoes in the region). There isn't much work done on this area, as opposed to other areas I'd been considering (i.e. Shell Beach- people tend to snatch up the geologic work on the coast of California before anywhere else). I went to the Courtright Reservoir on Friday last week for a field trip for my Mineralogy class, and I fell in love with the beauty in the area. Stunning. Large beautiful trees, crisp clean air, fractured granite, metamorphosed sediments... etc. It's beautiful. There are a lot of things to study in the area... And that's why I'm leaning toward doing that (plus it's about 2 1/2 hours away from home, an easy drive, up 168 to Shaver, right at Dinkey Creek, and then just follow the signs).

I'm making changes- even with my potential field area... I've been working on other things, too. I've been trying to make sure I do at least SOME ankle exercises every day (I've only missed two entire days since I started doing this a week ago), I'm trying to get at least two 10 minute walks in on campus- even if it's just from class to class with minor detours. I'm trying to do some daily yoga- but I keep forgetting or running out of time (it's best to do on an empty stomach, by the way). I've been keeping a food diary (Friday was day 5). I've been making changes in the right direction, even if they're just a little bit at a time to balance with everything else that is going on.

In the morning, when I'm off work, I'm going to stop by the Caruthers Fair and get something to eat... it will be one of my last really stupid food decisions... but it's okay, because I know the fair only comes around once a year. hehe