Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Watch me Ramble! If I'd update more often, it wouldn't be so rambly!

I cut my finger open at Target on Sunday morning, and it's the type of cut that doesn't really scab, it needs to heal from the inside out. So guess who isn't going to water aerobics at least this week...and more than likely not next week either, because I'll be in Santa Barbara and Disneyland...If you said me...You're right. lol

I decided to kind of put getting back on track on hold until the 4th. I'm getting the rest of my holiday candy eating out of the way...I'm also spending a lot of time in bed. Snuggled up in bed with my blankets is much cheaper than running the heater all day. I have the thermostat set at 68 and I just climb into bed...watching TV...and I slowly fall asleep. It's not really a plan, but when you're all warm and cozy, what else is there to do? So I've been spending a lot of my colder days napping the cold away.

On Sunday after work, I'm heading down to Santa Barbara to see my friend Chris. I'll probably grab a nap when I get down there, then watch some TV and go out to eat with him... then we're going to wake up early on Monday morning and head down to Disneyland until about 8 PM or so, then head back to Santa Barbara because he works early the next morning. I'm thinking about just sleeping over at his place again, but it totally depends on how exhausted I am! If I can handle the drive back home on Monday night, I'll probably do it! This trip is going to be relatively cheap... I'll be spending money on food and gas only. Since my car has much better gas mileage, I'll probably make the entire trip on about $60. I'm also planning on packing clementines, apples, and other things that are easy to snack on at the park since they don't care if you bring in outside food. I'll have a couple of actual meals at the park, but if I'm snacky, I'm not going to spend money on expensive snacks. I'm also thinking about going to REI to buy some Platypus water bottles. The water at Disneyland isn't too bad (at least it wasn't in June, so I doubt it's changed that much!). So I can just refill those, and they condense into almost nothing, so they'll save space, too! If I don't, I'll still take at least my water bottle that I take with me to school/the gym...and just keep refilling that instead. Those platypus bottles are a nice idea, but I can't really afford their $20 membership right now PLUS the $7.95 for the bottle.

I'm trying to spend much less money and ask myself if I want something or if I simply need it. Usually, it's something I want... So I'm trying to avoid those kinds of purchases. In fact, after I bought a couple of baskets last night to help me organize my room better for the upcoming semester, I won't be making any unnecessary purchases for a while (aside from the whole Disneyland trip!).

(Speaking of which, I get into the park free AND I'm staying with a friend, so that automatically cuts the cost down BIG TIME!)

So I have a few things I still want to do before the next semester starts:
1. Establish a much more healthy eating pattern, even if it means spending one day cooking meals for a few days and putting them all in the fridge or freezer to eat later.
2. Establish a regular gym pattern until the semester starts (from January 4th to the 19th), so starting water aerobics and beginning swimming classes won't kill me.
3. Finish organizing notes from my classes of last semester, for reference material.
4. Maybe see if I can find a small bookshelf to put in my closet for more storage (of binders/books)...if not, I've got a bookshelf already, and I can just make use of that for a while longer (it might get messy again, but that's okay!).
5a. See more friends over break (I had plans to see three different friends today, but two bailed because of health problems, and one bailed because of weather problems, and he lives in Mariposa- so he's excused!).
5b. Spend as much time as I can with my brother Alan and his wife Nithsavath, because it's harder for me to see them when I'm in classes. They only live about 15 minutes away, but because they have their schedules and I have mine, it makes it harder to find time that syncs up!

I'm excited for next semester. I feel like I've finally got back into the swing of school. And this is awesome! I was struggling a lot this semester, just trying to remember when assignments were due. It was killing me! I also kept running out of paper because I was an idiot and I bought a 5 subject notebook! I bought my notebooks for next semester though, and I bought an individual notebook for each class!
I also placed an order on for one of my class's books! I actually keep getting emails today stating that my books have been shipped (I bought them used from different vendors).

I'm looking forward to next semester too, because of the PE classes and health class I'm enrolled in. It'll help me stay in gear as far as that goes! I'll have time in my schedule specifically devoted to making sure I get exercise. This will help me in the long run, too. I'm hoping that this summer I'll be able to start working on my thesis! So it would be nice to be able to hike all over the granitoid plutons without feeling winded!

I've determined that this year is a time for change, too. When this semester is over, I won't necessarily have classes all day Monday - I'm going to look into either an internship or a part time job that will help me get more hands on experience. If I can find a full time job, that would be awesome! I'm not holding my breath though, with this economy!

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