Monday, December 20, 2010

Plans over break!

So now that I'm officially done with the semester, I can make an attempt to update this blog more often. I'm not making any promises though, as I still don't have my own computer. So here are my plans over winter break...

-I'm going to attempt to buy a new computer (laptop probably) and a desk to put in my room. I need a better at home studying environment.
-I'm going to attempt to spend no less than an hour in the gym Monday-Thursday. I might go the other days of the week, too, but since I work on those days I may not feel up to it. Sunday would be the most likely time I'd go of the other days.
-I'm also going to try to eat better over break. We'll see what happens, but that's the plan!
-I'm going to take advantage of my Netflix account over break, too! I set it to unfreeze the last day of finals! I have Stephen King's It waiting for me!
-I'm going to Disneyland on January 3rd. I can't really afford it, but I have a free ticket that I need to use up, because it expires in January (this was due to a complaint I made in the summer about the last time I went. All of the major attractions were closed by the time I got over to them). Luckily, I have a good friend in Santa Barbara, Chris (I'm sure I've mentioned him in the blog before, because every time I go down South since I've known him, I make an attempt to go see him), that is willing to let me crash on his couch, so I'll be driving down there the day before when I get off work, then I'll probably drive home after I leave Disneyland (or I might stay at his house again, seeing as how I don't work the next all depends). At least I won't have a hotel cost to worry about... just gas and food!

I don't have any other major plans for break, other than paying my bills and lying low over all... I may attempt to see my field area for my thesis at the end of break, only because I'd love to see it covered in snow. :D But if I do go up there during break, it'll be just for an hour or so. I don't know if it's worth the gas!

Okay, I've been up since 8 AM and I haven't had breakfast yet! So it's time to get my stomach to stop growling!! :)

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