Friday, November 26, 2010

Five Senses Friday

Since I keep slacking on posting these days due to being so ridiculously busy, I thought I'd adopt a thing that my friend Sammi does- posting "Five Senses Friday" every Friday that I'm able, since it doesn't take long.

Also, most of my updates these days are just about how I've been ridiculously busy with school, dealing with car payments, and not much else (especially since most of my healthy attemps keep getting pushed to the back burner, unintentionally).

Okay, so here you go:

Lately I've been listening to a lot of Sara Bareilles, especially this song, King of Anything.

Aside from the computer monitor, I see my phone and paperwork at work. I'll try to change this up, maybe, and make it about something interesting I saw that week, by the way. :)

Heartburn is causing me to taste Thanksgiving yum.

It's kind of warm in the group home, but my coworker made a statement that "74 is the perfect termperature," so I'm not going to mess with the thermostat...

Nothing exciting. Although a couple of weeks ago my friend Jennifer gave me a candle that I put on the warmer yesterday at home. :) It's got a beautiful smell!

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