Thursday, November 18, 2010


The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of crazy. I've been spending all of my spare time working on a term paper and studying for exams. I still have two more term papers and more exams coming up soon (finals). So this blog may not be updated semi-regularly for at least a few more weeks. As for what's been going on in other aspects of my life.

School takes over everything. I rarely see my friends and family (I wouldn't even see my parents as often as I do if I didn't live with them, and I wouldn't see Christian, Austin, and Madison so often if I didn't watch them after I get out of class on Wednesdays)... I rarely do anything fun, except for catching up on shows on the DV-R when I have a tiny bit of spare time before I go to bed every night that I don't work... My health concerns keep getting pushed to the back burner simply because I don't have time to truly devote to them...

Next semester is going to be an entirely different approach. I've enrolled in two P.E. classes and a health/wellness class (mostly because next semester only 3 of my 5 mandatory courses are available, I'm in one right now, too...those units add up to 11 units, so rather than adding another Geology class that is unneeded (because I'll be finished with my upper division unit requirement (9 units of non-200 level courses) at the end of this semester), I decided to put P.E. classes into my schedule so I won't be missing out on exercise...I'll be adding it right into my schedule, and it's mandatory!

I also plan on getting up early before class starts every day to hit the treadmill or bike at the gym for 20 get into a regular pattern. I haven't been concerning myself with getting epically dolled up for school (I'm there to learn, not to find a boyfriend!), so I can just take a shower at the rec center before class. :)

See? It's going to get worked out.

My ambitious goal next year is to lose all 110 pounds that I would need to lose at my current weight to get to a relatively healthy weight (still not healthy according to the BMI chart, but I don't believe in the BMI chart).

My realistic goal is to lose about 1 pound a week, so about 52 pounds next year.
We'll see what happens! I have the rest of this year to figure out exactly what I intend to do with regards to that. But my life next semester is going to be physical fitness + education.

Sometimes I secretly wish I didn't need to work and I could just focus on school. However, now that I have a new car (oh yeah, that happened too!), I have car payments and full coverage insurance payments, too!

Dear readers, say hello to my new car, Charles Carmichael.
(A 2010 Honda Civic LX!)
And if you know where the name comes from, you're alright in my book! :)

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