Friday, October 29, 2010


I'm trying to get back into the habit of visiting SparkPeople regularly again. I've let my weight get out of control for too long, so I'm telling myself that I'm going to keep track of my food consumption via their site. I do better doing that than trying to keep a physical journal or to do something like Weight Watchers or calorie counting (to be honest, that stuff overwhelms me, and I lose control). SparkPeople works. Just log in a few times a day and jot down what you've eaten. It's that simple.

I'm planning on getting back into exercise again soon. I tried this week to get back into it, but my knees weren't really having it...then I slept on my neck and shoulder wrong and ended up tweaking a muscle pretty bad. For an idea, I don't tend to go to the doctor unless it's something really important or I'm suffering... I went to the health center at CSU-Fresno to talk to my doctor about it. It's been making driving a real chore, and a painful one at that! So anyhow, when my neck and shoulder start to feel better, I'm going to be starting the Couch to 5k program again, from the start.
I also may start taking advantage of the free swim hours at the North Gym pool on campus. Sure, I probably won't be swimming the whole time, but I'll at least aqua jog. That's still movement I wouldn't have been getting otherwise!

As for other aspects of my life...
My love life is still pretty non-existent. I'm casually flirting with a guy I met online, but I'm not in any major hurry to meet him. He actually does live in Fresno and is a student at CSU-Fresno. Nice enough of a guy. If something is meant to happen, it will...but I'm honestly not actively pursuing anything.

School is going alright. The last few weeks had been nothing but exams so I was starting to feel overwhelmed. Then I crossed paths with one of my professors yesterday who informed me that I had one of the highest scores on the hand specimen mineral identification exam. I was really happy about that! I did decent on most of my other exams, with the exception of one. Luckily, that one exam only counts for 10% of our grade for the semester.

Nothing else has really been going on. Life is pretty much the same day to day.

Oh, but I did decide the date I'm going to use my free pass into Disneyland, January 3rd! I'm looking forward to it! I hope it's still decorated for the holidays!

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