Friday, October 22, 2010

Next Semester

Now that I'm back in school, it seems like I hardly ever have time to update this thing. Not much new has really been going on. Next semester's list of courses has been released, so I already know what kind of "doom" I'm in for! Two of my three courses next semester, that are required by the department for all graduate students who did not get a BS in Geology, are four unit courses. The other course is a 2 unit course. So next semester I'll be taking two P.E. classes on top of the three classes for my degree. I would take four classes, but this semester has been stressing me out a lot. So I thought that next semester I can drop down to 3 courses and have a potentially easier semester on me. I'll also be in more field trip intensive classes. And who knows, in the small downtime, maybe I can begin studying up on my field area to figure out what hasn't been studied.

I'm dialing down next semester's course load for one other reason. This semester it has been extremely hard for me to get back on the wagon of eating right and losing weight. So I thought I could enroll in two fitness classes (water aerobics and swimming for beginners) to get back into gear. It will also give me a little more free time to make sure I'm getting exercise.

It's hard to go on hiking field trips and feel constantly winded! So I really do need to work on getting into shape! Especially now while it's the prime time to do so!!

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