Saturday, October 2, 2010


Life has been the same little stress ball that it has been since I started back in classes.

I have two exams in a matter of two weeks, a term paper due in two weeks that I haven't even figured out a topic to do... A second term paper that I'm just trying to figure out what I want my topic on (which I will probably do on my potential field area for my thesis...which has changed). Stress!

I keep trying to get back into control with eating right...and my intentions are good. I'll eat well for the first half of the day, and then the stress hits and it spirals out of control. I need to get to the health center at CSUF- I keep saying I'm going to go, and I haven't gone yet. A lot of the problem is that they close from noon to 1, and my classes get out on the days I'd be able to go, at noon. I guess I could just check in and sit around in the waiting room for an hour- and study for the exams I mentioned previously...yes. That's what I should do. I'll try to go on Tuesday. They will tell me "but we have limited services for this hour," and I'll say, "That's okay, I'll wait!" I'll probably have to schedule appointments for the mental health and the dietitian, but I might be able to see my doctor on Tuesday. I need to see a friendly face that cares about my health.

And as I previously mentioned, in parenthesis above--- I'm considering the Courtright Reservoir for my potential field area for my thesis. You can Google it if you've never heard of it...but it's a reservoir built several years ago in the Sierra Nevadas that has giant granitoid plutons (evidence of an extinct band of volcanoes in the region). There isn't much work done on this area, as opposed to other areas I'd been considering (i.e. Shell Beach- people tend to snatch up the geologic work on the coast of California before anywhere else). I went to the Courtright Reservoir on Friday last week for a field trip for my Mineralogy class, and I fell in love with the beauty in the area. Stunning. Large beautiful trees, crisp clean air, fractured granite, metamorphosed sediments... etc. It's beautiful. There are a lot of things to study in the area... And that's why I'm leaning toward doing that (plus it's about 2 1/2 hours away from home, an easy drive, up 168 to Shaver, right at Dinkey Creek, and then just follow the signs).

I'm making changes- even with my potential field area... I've been working on other things, too. I've been trying to make sure I do at least SOME ankle exercises every day (I've only missed two entire days since I started doing this a week ago), I'm trying to get at least two 10 minute walks in on campus- even if it's just from class to class with minor detours. I'm trying to do some daily yoga- but I keep forgetting or running out of time (it's best to do on an empty stomach, by the way). I've been keeping a food diary (Friday was day 5). I've been making changes in the right direction, even if they're just a little bit at a time to balance with everything else that is going on.

In the morning, when I'm off work, I'm going to stop by the Caruthers Fair and get something to eat... it will be one of my last really stupid food decisions... but it's okay, because I know the fair only comes around once a year. hehe

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  1. As far as the mental health side goes, yes you do have to make an appointment to see anyone. I highly recommend Dr. Raya-Fernandez. She's amazing. And for the dietician, your doctor at the school and can give you the referral and either you can call them or they will call you.