Saturday, October 9, 2010

3 exams + 1 paper + 4 labs

Stress is 3 exams and a paper all in one week. Luckily, turning the paper in on Friday is only optional. I'm not too concerned in that class as my classmates are all a bunch of drunken fratboys and teenagers, and I'm a graduate student. If we want the professor's feedback, we need to turn in the paper by Friday. It's just not going to happen for me unless I kill myself over it on Thursday night the night before it's due. I won't feel comfortable wasting time on it while I could be studying for my 3 exams. I'm fairly certain I'll do well on at least two of the exams. I'm trying to manage my time well so that I spend equal amounts of time studying for each exam though. If I have 3 hours of time to study on a particular day, I spend an hour on each subject.

I also have 4 lab assignments due in my Stratigraphy class, and I only have two of them completed.

I decided that once I make it through next week without dying...I'm going to treat myself to a movie on Sunday night (next week), and make myself an apple pie (because my favorite apples are only in season for about a month right now, Honeycrisp)! It'll be my reward for doing my best to get a decent grade in my classes!

Oh and did I say? I checked the freeswim hours at the pool at CSU-Fresno. I'm going to start taking advantage of that after next week cools down. :)

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