Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Potential Thesis Field Area

I haven't decided entirely what I'm going to do for my thesis project. I created one part of my binder and notebook for my notes and papers from school, just to jot down general ideas and more specified ideas. It's harder to do things that are further away because of funds and needing time off to travel to it, so I decided that I have to pick something within a 2-3 hour drive (maybe 4-5 hours at a stretch). That still gives me a lot of the state to cover, but I think I've figured out my general region.

Until I get time to go down there and have a look around, I won't know exactly what it is that I would want to do, or what region I would want to spend my time studying. However, I think I'll be spending my time researching and studying the rock formations on the one specific little portion of the beach I remember climbing down to with my family, and marveling at the crystal clear waters over the coarse sand beaches.

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