Saturday, September 4, 2010

It's a pile of dirt, right?

So my only major excuse for not being able to post more frequently at the moment is because I've returned to school at CSUF.

On Thursday we went on a field trip for my Stratigraphy class. We went to see the Modesto Formation, the Riverbank Formation, and the Turlock Lake Formation, all in the Northern parts of Fresno County. The Modesto Formation can be found just past Woodward Park.

The Turlock Lake Formation below, Riverbank Formation above (the reddish band on top).

The Modesto Formation

I know what you're thinking, "It's a big pile of dirt, right?" ...Well, pretty much. It's different kinds of sediments that accumulated in the area by alluvial deposition...they are mostly of igneous materials---if you know what that means! (Granite is a good example of an igneous material.)

In other school related news, I got very frustrated at yesterday when I discovered that they decided to cancel one of my textbook orders. So I now have to wait until I get paid on the 10th to pick up my Mineralogy textbook because I've now hit a point where I need to make sure I save my money or else I won't have any way to fill my gas tank. Luckily, I'm up for a refill today, and will do so on my way home from work. I did a little bit of searching for some cheaper gas in Fresno to save myself a little money. Yesterday, I found an Arco on Clovis (I can't remember the nearest cross street) that was $2.82 a gallon. I'll take it! I was in a hurry to get home yesterday morning though because I had class at 11 AM.

Well, I have no class this Monday because of the holiday, and my best friend Barb is in town. She got in last night at about 9:45 PM. We're going to have a blast, even if I do have to work while she's here! (Tonight is my last night of the work week, and I'll work 10 PM to 8:30 AM!)

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