Monday, September 20, 2010

Car woes + work woes + class woes = Milissa is going crazy!

I hate having to miss class because I forgot that I had to work... So I get off work at about 8:30 AM and have class at 9:30 AM ...45 miles away... plus having to find parking? Unless something magical occurs, that won't be happening. If I see a unicorn on my way home, I just might try to find a parking spot and get to class. Otherwise, I'm going home to nap for a little bit and study up for my Stratigraphy exam on Tuesday.

The main problem here is my car being virtually unsafe. I have no problems with me driving it with no passengers, because I'm the only one that will be harmed (or picking up my brother's youngest two kids from school because they only have school about a mile away, and I won't be driving super duper fast IF something DID happen to my car while driving it)... But the fact that I had to work a Sunday night into a Monday morning, means that I have kids I have to take to school. This means that I have to take the company vehicle because I'm not about to put their lives at risk in my car, until I have a new car.

So hopefully this is the last time I will have to work on a Monday until I get a new car, and can take the kids to work in my personal vehicle.

So here's what happened to break it down:
I have a field trip in my Mineralogy class this Friday, so I had to request that day off at work. In order to accomodate the request, I had to work Sunday night to prevent the other overnight staff from going into overtime. So I worked last night into this morning (which I forgot, to be honest, and got to work just a pinch over an hour late!).


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