Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mistakes and Learning From Them...Then Moving Forward

If I hear the words "Well, you shouldn't have gone to Louisiana" one more time, I'm probably going to scream until my throat is hoarse.

So I found out that I only got enough financial aid to cover my tuition, which is apparently a big deal considering I'm a grad student. I'm lucky to have even gotten that much aid. But I didn't know that was all I got in relation to my tuition, so I was still expecting to get a check like I had in my undergrad, with a left over balance on it. Instead, I waited in line for 2 1/2 hours to find out that not only can the lady at the Financial Aid office not pronounce the word "mineralogy," but I also owed $80.50 in left over tuition and course fees. Add on top of that, that I now had to buy my textbooks with my own money.

Had I not gone to Louisiana, this wouldn't have been an issue. And while I started this entry with not wanting to hear that phrase from another person, it's okay for me to state it. When you KNOW you've made a mistake, you don't need people CONSTANTLY reminding you that you did. I already feel like an idiot, and you constantly trying to drill it into my head when it's ALREADY THERE doesn't do anyone ANY good...does it? It just enters a territory of feeling a need to pat yourself on the back with subtle "I told you so"'s. And I'm done with hearing them.

...If I knew that I was going to need to buy my own text books, I wouldn't have gone to Louisiana. Or if I felt a DIRE need to go, I would have found the potentially most ghetto hotel in Houma and stayed there, instead of enjoying the comfort of the cost of an $85 dollar room.

What's done is done. I can't rewind time. All I can do is learn from my mistake and move on. I bought my books this morning on, but now I have to play the waiting game until they arrive. Luckily, I know a few people in the department already (Jennifer and Ashley), and I made a friend in my Mineralogy course, who will let me borrow her text while we're in class to check my progress of my lab notes (which I did this morning).'s cost for 4 books: $305 (and some change)
Sequoia Text Books (Across the street from CSUF): $400-ish
CSUF's book store (Kennel Bookstore): $493

I definitely went the cheapest route!

Now to wait for the books!

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