Saturday, August 28, 2010

If it's not one thing, it's another.

So now I'll be needing to get a new computer. My laptop is pretty much done for. I'm not sure entirely what is wrong with it, all I know is that my brother Alan has said that it will probably be cheaper in the long run just to get a new computer.

I'm trying to accept $800 of one of the student loans I've been offered to essentially reimburse myself for the books I bought and get a netbook. I might decide to drop it down to $500 and just consider the books as done, it's been taken care of. But we will see whenever I get to that. I'm going to investigate it further after class on Tuesday (Monday is my long day of classes).

Other than that, I got one book in the mail today, I'm hoping I'll get the next one tomorrow, then I'll be waiting on two books. Hopefully they'll all be here soon so I won't be panicking about books anymore!

Now it's time to crack open my Oceanography textbook and get to studying between bedchecks at work!

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