Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Different Way to Go

After almost two years of working in Lemoore, and living in Clovis for most of it (all but 3 months or so)...I get a bit tired of driving the same route all of the time. Usually I hit 168-West to 180-West to 41-South all the way to work. Once in a while though, I'll change it up, and I'll drive directly south from our house in Clovis to 180-West instead, and then take 41-South the rest of the way to Lemoore.

Today, I drove that route, which puts me driving through the general vicinity of the Fresno airport. This put me into a great mood for tonight's work shift, since I leave in less than 2 days for Louisiana!

As for other routes to work, I've even been known to leave an extra 20 minutes early so I can take...You ready for this? 168-West to 180-West to 41-South to 99-South to 43-South to 198-West... Just to change the scenery up once in a while. :)

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