Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 28- A picture of you last year and now, how have you changed since then?

About a year apart, or so...

One was before I broke my ankle, one after. One I was probably about 240, the one after about 260. I've been dealing with on-again-off-again depression and my weight is what suffers. I went through a boyfriend somewhere in there, too, for 3 months. Kind of a waste of time, but I definitely learned my lesson (of not knowing someone well before starting to date exclusively). Me a year ago was in love with roller derby and everything that it entailed, and that was how I broke my ankle. Only a matter of a month ago (or less!) I had enough of the girls on the team turn catty toward me, so I severed ties with not only the team, but most of the girls on the team (not including people that I knew before I was even involved with roller derby...and there were a handful of others I kept around because they are EPICALLY AWESOME regardless!). Now I'd rather not have anything to do with roller derby. Instead, I got back into my original love, softball. So that's one major thing that has changed- bye bye derby hello softball!

Other than that... Nothing else major has changed. I've been trying to up my morale by updating journals/blogs/diaries more often, and taking more vitamins and trying to eat properly and get plenty of exercise (210 minutes a week, minimum!). So that's changed, too!

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