Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 26- What you think about your friends

I'm just going to list off those who I consider the closest of all of my friends, and what I think about them, I guess.

Barbara - You've been there for me through a lot of crazy crap in the NINE years that I've known you. I can't believe that our friendship is reaching a decade old, ha ha. You always know what to say and you always give sound advice based on your life experiences. You're my number one cheerleader when it comes to me trying to better my health, and it means a lot to have someone constantly in your corner, hoping nothing but the best for you at all times.

Stephanie - MY PEA POD! Our friendship is pretty magical, wouldn't you agree? It's the kind of friendship where you finish each others sentences, and can sense something is wrong when we don't even say it. You've been a great support for me at all times, and I thank you so much for that! I love how we can find humor in the craziest of things... "ffftt ffftt ffftt," ring any bells? lol!

Tomica - I like how we can talk about any topic at complete random, and I love how great of a listener you are. I love how I can call or text you at the drop of a hat to hang out. I like how we both have these perfectly quirky personalities that mesh well together.

Susan and Kim - I'm putting you guys together because most of the time that I spend time with either of you, the other is there! I love and adore you both. You know, like I've said to Susan before, had someone told me that of all of the people that I met through Kim Schuller, that I would feel the closest to you guys than just about anyone else (though Tomica is right up there, too!), I probably would have been like "Nahhh, you serious? Really?" I feel so at ease when I'm hanging out with you guys. Laughing comes so easily. You guys have helped me better understand who I am, just by being you. You've shined a lot of light on semi-recent events that have happened in my life, and for that I am SUPER thankful! <3

Stacey - Yet another person that has always been there to support me, no matter what the crazy topic I'm freaking out about may be! You always offer some of the best advice, ever. You are extremely wise. You are very bold and you don't let anyone screw around with you. You also have a gigantic heart, even if you don't often show it. We've never hung out much, but I've always felt like that wasn't a dire necessity for our friendship to be in place. Though I wish I could afford to make it up to Sacramento a bit more often, because I'd totally chill whenever! (I'm still upset that my last plans to try and come see you were put off, but it totally wasn't your fault!! <3)

Elijah - You are probably the closest male friend I've ever had in my life time, and you live all the way on the other side of the country. You have a great sense of humor, your Southern Charm is absolutely amazing, and any lady would be so very lucky to have you---too bad I'm a bit protective and think no one will ever be good enough. ha ha!!

Eric - You make me laugh harder than anyone I've ever known, and it could just be as simple as sending me a picture of something completely random on my phone while you're at work. I think you're absolutely goofy, and that's why I think you're so awesome. :)

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