Friday, August 13, 2010

Checked In

As of 1:10 PM today, I have checked in for my flight tomorrow to Louisiana. As of this moment, there is less than 14 hours until my flight! I've gotten zero sleep because of a combination of excitement for my trip and a headache (yay for postherpetic neuralgia! ...err, I mean boo!). I'm probably going to snooze on the plane to Salt Lake City, and maybe again to New Orleans. By the time I land in New Orleans at 9:27 PM, collect my baggage, and then get my rental car, I will be so happy to get to my hotel in Houma to pass out officially for about 8-10 hours! I'm going to sleep SO HARD tomorrow night!

I'm SO ready to be there already!! I just have to stuff my last minute toiletries (stuff I'll use before leaving home) in my suitcase, and I'll be all set to go!!

I just wish this work shift would go by faster! It's been about an hour and a half! Meep!

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