Monday, August 9, 2010

5 Days

I have five days until I leave my comfort zone of weather for epic amounts of humidity and near constant thunderstorms. The temperature will be in the low to mid 90s the whole time I'm there, but the humidity will be over 60% most of the time I'm there, too. I've never experienced that kind of humidity.

I talked to my friend Kayla yesterday for a few hours, and Kayla grew up in Louisiana. I got a lot of great pointers from her, and I'm going to try to pack as best as I can for this weather change. No make up (or very limited, and probably just waterproof mascara), and light clothes (not bulky- I would have packed light anyway, but I'm going to think about every item I pack instead of just sticking it in the suitcase)!

I'm ready to pack already, and I will be about 90% packed by Wednesday evening because I work the following 3 days before I head to the airport on Saturday!

Just 5 days to go!! I'm really excited! I can't wait for my face to melt off and fall on the floor!

Or as Kayla said, "You will step off the plane, and humidity will hit you in the face with an aluminum baseball bat." I've also been told I might hack/gag/wheeze the instant I breathe in the humidity. Oh yay! Something to look forward to! LOL

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