Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 02- The meaning behind your user names

You know, in all of the years of me being online, even back to the Bulletin Board System in Fresno called The Barnyard, I've had so many usernames, I've seriously lost track. So I'll try to go from the first username on? Sure, why not... Well, what I can remember, anyway!

Goofy - On The Barnyard. This was because Goofy has always been one of my favorite cartoon characters.

aurora6029 - Because Sleeping Beauty was my favorite Disney movie, and this was my first Yahoo account, when I was about 14 years old, I think? I also had a briarrose6029, I think. Which is also a Sleeping Beauty reference!

sisterbear613 - My second Yahoo account, I don't even remember what happened between this and the previous one though. Sister Bear is one of my family nicknames, my Dad has called me that since I was a kid.

PenPen2 - on Animeboards.com, because PenPen was a fun character from Neon Genesis Evangelion. When I joined AllRPG.com's forums, I put myself as PP2, just because there were similar posters on both sites, and a lot of people on AB called me PP2.

DuckGirl/PP2DuckGirl - A former friend, Reese, and I had come up with these online fake personas, our "superheroes." She was Goose Man, and I was Duck Girl. When I was at a need for yet another account on Yahoo, I created PP2DuckGirl because "DuckGirl" was taken!

Thermal Undies - This came up randomly one day, I was trying to think of something that could be considered sexy - undies - but something that would make it unsexy - thermal. Therefore, Thermal Undies was born! I used it on so many different sites. OkCupid, Insane Journal, LiveJournal, AllRPG.com's forums... I really lose track on that one. It is now my second longest online persona.

Kinda_Tuesday - I had a LiveJournal account that I used for a while just to post rants- I'm not sure WHY I titled it Kinda Tuesday though. I think it was because I thought it wasn't quite Monday, but it was kind of Tuesday? Who knows!

Bob the Goldfish - Meaghan, my exboyfriend Daniel's sister, used to call me Bob. lol I'm not sure why, but she did! (You'll have to ask her, I guess!) And I thought that Bob was a good name for a Goldfish, so...why not!? This was a LiveJournal name.

Fatty Fish / Pissy Fish - Back when I had my Bob the Goldfish account, I had TOO MANY FRIENDS on LiveJournal. Some just wanted to read about my weight loss progress, and some just wanted to hear my rants. So I made two separate accounts for that purpose. This was before I knew what friend filters were!

Chill Blue - I used this as a temporary account on OkCupid, when I wanted to have an account to stalk profiles without being seen. hehe This is a partial song title from one of my favorite bands, Superchunk. The whole title was "Night of Chill Blue."

Electric Banana - my current username on AllRPG.com's forums. I've been this for about 2 or 3 years now, I lose track! I'm not sure why I created this one. I think I just finished eating a banana. But it's been a while now that I created it, and then I didn't post for about a year...so I don't really remember!

Sexy Ankles - I've been this on LiveJournal now for about 5 years (and on MSN and AIM). This is another Superchunk song title!

The Yellow Ones - Another temporary account on OkCupid. I'm not sure why it was I joined this one, I think it was in between serious accounts, and I had a blog I was posting on about things I found on the site...so I think it was so I could still log in and view profiles that were hidden! This is a song title by another of my favorite bands, Pinback.

Platonic_Zebra - My current name on OkCupid. When I rejoined the site, I was just interested in finding some male friends that weren't just interested in something that I wasn't going to be interested in (I get so many messages that just say "hey, wanna hook up?" and that's not my style!)... Anyhow, since I was searching platonic relationships, I put that in the user name...and Zebras are one of my favorite animals, so why not?

Zero Wing - I actually have no accounts affiliated with this name anymore. This was once my roller derby name, which was inspired by the video game. If you've ever heard the phrase "All your base are belong to us," and you don't know where it's from? Well, it's from Zero Wing!

I think that catches you up to speed! Did I miss any that you know about? If so, tell me!

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