Monday, May 17, 2010

First mini-road-trip

I've decided that once a week throughout the summer, unless I get ridiculously busy, I'm going to take a random road trip. Not going horribly far, but even maybe just a 50 mile round trip road trip... Which was about how long my first trip went. Next time, I want to go even further though.

I took these pictures on the first road trip, just exploring the eastern portion of Fresno County.

My route:

East on Shaw until it dead ends on Zediker. South on Zediker to Ashlan. Left (East) on Ashlan. Ashlan curves into Watts Valley Road heading Northeast. Keep going until it dead ends. Left on Sample. Left on Tollhouse Rd/168. Left on Academy. Right on Shaw. Ignore the little green things. That was just how I mapped it out for you guys to see my route. :)

Not only does it let me see more of California that I haven't seen yet, but it also is very relaxing. I love to drive just for the sake of driving. I get tired of it when all I do is commute to work and back home every time I drive.

Since I'm dealing with some depression right now, and experiencing more of California makes me happy, that's what my plan is for the summer, since I'm having issues picking up a second job.

Next week I'm going to Sacramento to visit one of my Fresno City College friends, Stacey. The following week I might be going to Disneyland/Knott's Berry Farm with my friend Mary-Lynn.

I'm basically trying to keep myself busy so I won't feel the depression. And it's working so far. :)

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