Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I've been really trying to keep myself busy lately. The busier I am, the less time I have to feel sorry for myself.

Today I was supposed to take Maddy to gymnastics, but since she has a cold and wasn't feeling well this morning, Jamie kept her home to feel better. So instead, I went out shopping for a dress to wear to Carolyn's Wedding on Sunday (Alan's sister-in-law, Nithsavath's sister). I got a super cute dress! Black with big white polka dots. Then after I got home and watched The Biggest Loser on the DV-R, I got a text from my friend Eric. I was supposed to play Scrabble with Eric tonight, but he texted to cancel. He had final exams all day, and said he was tired. Understandable. So instead, I went to Christian's baseball game:

Tomorrow's plans? I'm going to visit my friends Kim and Susan and their adorable little girl, Kansas, before going to work.

Friday night and Saturday night I have work (overnight). Sunday afternoon I have Carolyn's Wedding. Sunday night I have work (overnight). Monday around noon I'm hitting the road to Sacramento for a few days to visit my friend Stacey (from back in the day when I was in concert band at Fresno City College). Then I work from Thursday night to Sunday morning... Then maybe Monday I'll meet up with Eric and play Scrabble, if not, I'll drive to Kings Canyon National Park or take another of my random little road trips. Then on Wednesday, I'm going to Disneyland with my friend Mary-Lynn!

That's my next two weeks. What do your next two weeks look like?


I'm trying to get a lot of travel, even if it's just within the valley, out of the way because come this August I won't have time for any crazy fun stuff. I'll be starting my masters degree! :)

In other news: My ankle is finally starting to feel okay again, after several weeks of re-aggravated pain. I'm going to take it really easy for the next couple of weeks on the ankle to let it recuperate a little more. Then I'll try to start lightly running again (30-60 second spurts).

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