Monday, March 1, 2010

Today was a magical day!!

Today has been a magical day. I refer to something being magical when I'm just absolutely in love with it. (i.e. Joel McHale is magical. My niece Madison is magical. My enchilada chicken chili is magical.)

-First I woke up to discover I lost 2 pounds last week. (since February 19th, the start of the new diet, I've lost 7 pounds!)
-Then I went to Old Navy and discovered I fit into a size 18. No plus size. Just a REGULAR 18. This is the first time in my life (that I can recall, anyway!) that I could fit into this!
-Then I went to Trader Joe's and found pasta without flour in it, made from whole wheat!

-Then I went to CSUF to turn in a letter of recommendation, only to find out that I've already been accepted!!

Crazy happy,

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