Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Life feels good!

On Monday morning I took my car to the shop with intent of having it fixed for a crazy amount of money. Last time my car was in the shop, we had been told that it would cost too much to repair what the car was worth. So we decided, well, I'd basically get the most I could out of it before the next smog check was due (March 26th), and then look for a new car. So with that in mind, I started trying to save money. I broke my ankle in August, and the $1400 I had saved up for my car went toward medical bills. So I suffered a setback.

It got to be January when I started to panic. I want to move out on my own, and I want to get a new car, but being accepted to CSU-Fresno for the masters program starting in the fall, I wouldn't really have time to do all of the things I wanted at this time. So the decision was to get the car fixed.

The catalytic converters are shot, but they managed to get it to pass smog. So all in all, I ended up only paying $147 to "fix" my car.

This is good news. The $467 I have sitting in my savings account gets to stay there to go toward a deposit on an apartment. I have $470-something that I owe to my credit card, and once that gets paid off all of my money will go toward my savings account!

My life feels like it's finally starting to get on track to where it was last summer. I just need to pick up a second job so I can better afford things once I move out.

I may or may not be still moving out with some friends of mine. My dream has always been to live by myself, because I've always wanted to experience it. I would settle for having roommates if it meant I could get out of my parents house sooner though!

Life feels good right now!

I've lost 9 pounds on my diet, by the way, too. I'm presently 244!

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