Friday, February 26, 2010

Down 5, 93 to go!

I lost 5 pounds last week, and my present weight is 248. I'm a bit sad that I allowed myself to gain weight and to feed into the depression after I broke my ankle, but I'm trying to fix that now. Before I broke my ankle, I was 239. It was the lightest I'd been since I was 23, when I weighed 224. It's sad that my "lowest numbers" since I was in the 6th grade are all above 200, isn't it? I'm making that change though!

I began my no flour, no sugar diet on Friday night instead of Monday morning. I felt like I was ready, so I dived into it!

There isn't anything else new or really exciting to report. My life is pretty much filled with losing weight, getting in better health, and work. I know it doesn't sound exciting, but it keeps me busy!

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