Friday, February 19, 2010

Busy bee!

I've been so busy lately and without regular access to a computer, so I haven't updated this in a while. And to be completely honest, not much has been going on. So this is what you may have missed, in bullet form!

-My last weight (last monday) was 253. I have a goal to get at least below 200 by the end of the year, but we'll see, maybe I'll more than achieve that!
-I've admitted I have a problem. No, not alcohol (seeing as how I think alcohol passes these lips maybe twice a year?). Food. I started going to Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous three weeks ago. Their primary focus is to abstain from flour and sugar. I'm sure it's more along the lines of the foods that are unhealthy for you that contain both (i.e. cookies, cakes), but for now I'll be abstaining from all of it starting on Monday morning. I allowed myself this whole week to still eat in a healthful way but to allow myself the foods that I know I would crave quickly (i.e. pizza). I've stocked my area of the pantry full of whole grains, and I've already started to eat more fruits and vegetables.
-I have finished applying to CSUF's masters program and am just waiting to get a response at this point. I will probably know within two months whether I have been accepted for the Fall semester. I've also applied for FAFSA and finished my taxes, go me!
-I might be volunteering at the Fossil Discovery Center of Madera Country in Chowchilla come April to get some hands on experience working in Geology. I don't know whether I'll be assisting with digs or just answering calls in the center, but we'll see. If I get accepted to CSUF in the Fall, I'll cut back my hours at the center.
-My friends Robyn, Talisha, and I are planning on renting a house in Tower District as soon as Robyn gets a new job and I get my new car so I know whether I need to pick up a new or second job at that point.
-I've basically come to a screeching halt in an interest to be in a relationship. If I get accepted to the masters program in the Fall, and have to pick up a second job because of the new car and moving out, AND will be volunteering for the fossil center AND be going to derby one night a week... Well, when would I have free time available to spend with someone... Especially considering every guy I've been with tries to tell me that I have to make time in MY schedule to accomodate them instead of them trying to see me when I have my free time. I'm not saying that I won't go on a date here and there if it should arise, or if I should meet a guy that is willing to meet me half way in spending time together...however it's just not my priority until I get done with my education.

So that's all that's new with me. I hope that all is well with everyone that might be out there still reading me when I should actually get a chance to post!

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