Sunday, November 29, 2009

Alan & Nithsavath's Traditional Laos Wedding, Sunday November 15th, 2009

I got there at about 10 AM, so I don't have pictures of everything. I didn't know what was okay to take pictures of, and what wasn't okay. I wanted to avoid disgracing anyone, so I just held off on taking pictures until I was sure of when I could take them.


The offering, Alan and Nithsavath.

Nithsavath's sister Carolyn's fiancee David (say that five times fast), Grandma and Mom, Alan in the background.

I'm not sure who the girl in the black is, but the girl in the green is Nithsavath's best friend Wendy. And there's Alan talking to Dad.

The two in the center are Nithsavath's brother Tom and Tom's girlfriend (I didn't catch her name!).

Nithsavath's brother Bobby's wife, Jintana (Jin).

Jin again.

We (Alan's side) all had to go outside to sort of parade up to the house, where Alan would have to pay family members permission to enter the bride, Nithsavath's, house to ask permission to marry her.

Alan paying Jin for entrance into the house.

Alan now needed to have his feet washed before entering the house.

Nithsavath's brother Tom washed Alan's feet.

Nithsavath and Curtis.

Nithsavath and Grandma.

Nithsavath and Jamie.

Nithsavath, Carolyn, and David.

Nithsavath's parents and my parents.

David, Carolyn, Nithsavath, and Alan.

Jamie, Curt, Christian, Austin, and Madison.


Me, Madison, Jamie, and Grandma.

I didn't get a good picture of the end of the ceremony... so this will have to do!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Halloween 2009

I've just been so busy with returning back to work, quitting my job at the school, going to roller derby practice (not skating, I swear! I sold those bay boys!), and recovering still from the broken ankle that I've totally slacked off on posting some things that require more HTML, imagine resizing, and so on and so forth! So I'm going to try to get all caught up this weekend!

So without further ado, here are the pictures I took from Halloween 2009 with my brother Curtis' three beautiful children!

All three! Christian was a homeless guy, Austin was some guy from G.I. Joe. It was so long ago now that I don't remember the name of it. And my Monkey, Madison, was Belle!

Maddy forgot the wand that Alan gave her, so she had to run back in before any Trick or Treating happened! Mom, Dad, and I went home then though. It was pretty cold, and by that point in time I'd only been out of the cast and in my walking boot for about 2 weeks. So I was still in a fair bit of pain in the ankle joint. Not in the bone.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Topics of discussion to come (later on today/tomorrow, more than likely!):

-Halloween with Curt's kids. Pictures included.
-Alan and Nithsavath's Laos Wedding. Pictures included.
-Quitting my job at the school (still working at the group home though).
-Nithsavath's bridal shower. Pictures included.

Stay tuned. I was about to start posting about things but I feel a bit tired, thinking about taking a nap instead!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hot Doctor

On Wednesday November 11th, I went to my doctor's appointment. A previous appointment, on September 9th for follow up, I had a very attractive doctor's assistant. Anyhow, on the 11th I had the very same hot doctor's assistant. He said he was impressed with how well I could move my foot after such a long period of immobility (why doctor, are you flirting with me? ha! ha!). He had to ask the head doctor about the best thing to do with regards to being out of the boot permanently or to continue using the boot. The assistant was ready to send me on my way without the boot on anymore, but the head doctor said I should go ahead and wear it for another 3 weeks. The assistant said that after the three weeks are up, I'm done! I don't even have to go in for another follow up! Just DONE. To keep doing the ankle exercises I'm doing, and to start doing the alphabet with my toes...but I'm DONE.

Hot doctor said "I hope I never see you again!" with a laugh...and I said "Oh I wouldn't mind seeing you, you've got a nice smile."


I totally thought to myself "I'm never going to see him again, why not flirt?" lol!! SO I DID. That doesn't sound like me, but I figured it wouldn't hurt since I wouldn't have to really live with the embarrassment of ever having to see him again! lol!