Friday, August 7, 2009

It's a small world...after all.

So at lunch today, Jared and I were talking about our college experiences at CSUF. I asked if he ever took a geography course, he said no, but that he took a geology course his first semester. I asked who he had it with, he said he had it with Jeff Anglen, whom I had for both of my geology classes at CSUF. So we're chatting a little more.
His first semester at CSUF was Fall 2006.
My first semester at CSUF was Fall 2006.
He had a geology class his first semester.
I had a geology class my first semester.

So when we got to a computer, we both logged into our My CSUFresno accounts and looked up our course numbers.

Would you believe that we were in THE SAME GEOLOGY CLASS in Fall 2006!?
We think it's quite possible we sat near each other, too. He said he thinks he remembers "Shingles girl." hahahahah... And the more I think about that class, I swear I think he was the cutie pie that sat in front of me!!

Oh man... We're like "so it only took us three years and meeting perchance online to end up together?"

I'm looking forward to Sunday. It's his grandpa's birthday party. I'm looking forward to meeting his Dad's side of the family, because I already adore his mom and stepdad!

Other things that have been going on as of late:
-I've decided that I'm going to look for a new job, or perhaps a third job. In this economy I can only hope to get lucky enough to find a full time job, so I'm not holding my breath. And don't get me wrong, I absolutely love working at the group home and working for Curtis, but I really do feel like I could be doing something greater. I also feel like I could be making more money, being a college grad.
-I've also decided that if the above happens rather quickly, I'll be moving out by the end of October. I need to get a new car as well, so that is more of my priority at the moment. If I can get a good enough of a job and be able to afford rent and save for a new car enough to be able to get one by March, I'll do it, I'll move out by October. However, I let Mom know that if the worst case scenario happens, hopefully I'll be moving out of their house, at the latest, by April.

There really isn't anything else massive to report- except, did I mention that I lost 8.5 pounds in July? I gained 2 back on my vacation to Phoenix, but I'll be able to get that back off in no time! Current weight is 241, I have 83 pounds to go (I've lost 31)!