Friday, May 29, 2009

A quick kind of update

I like doing bullet point entries for things that aren't super important or can just be condensed into one entry. :)

--I went to a kickboxing class on Friday morning last week, and I'm planning on going to it again later today (the class is at 9, I'll be off work at 8).
--My current weight (as of Tuesday, anyway) is 248.5, so I have 90.5 to lose, I'm 23.5 down from my starting point.
--I'm frustrated with "New Rock" 104.1. I get bored sometimes with the CDs I have in the car, so I start listening to the radio to hear something new. I assumed "New Rock" would be a good place to go, it'd been about 6 months, there must be something new, right? ...Then how come they're still playing 95% 1990s music? I'm not complaining about the quality of the music, but the fact that it's supposed to be "new," and yet it's almost 20 years old.
--I saw the Star Trek movie and can say that I actually enjoyed it a fair bit. Please note I'm no where near what anyone would call a Trekkie, or even a major Sci-Fi fan. I'm super picky with my Sci-Fi.

I've come to the conclusion that if Maxwell Smart can have a shoe-phone, then I can have a skate-phone.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Quick update

I joined a gym because I keep making excuses for running right now. The main one is the heat because my fingers swell when I run in the heat. I don't like it. So I went today after I ran all of my errands, and discovered that after not running for a week and a half, my endurance has taken a hit. I could only run 1/4th of a mile without stopping today. Probably more if I would have really pushed myself, but it was difficult. I think I will redo part of the couch to 5k program with the podcasts at the gym because now I'm not really setting the pace, the treadmill is setting the pace.

I went out with Justin a few times, but things just didn't fit up right. And that's cool. He's a nice funny guy, but things just didn't fit. It was sort of like trying to mash the wrong puzzle piece in at the wrong spot. Just didn't fit. :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Down 5 pounds

So I'm finally below 250, at 249. I'm pretty happy about this! I just need to lose 26 pounds and I'll be back down to what I was at a couple of years ago, my lowest since I graduated high school. I hope to reach this goal at least by the end of this year, but I know that sometimes things change. However I'm also aware that I could excel passed 26 pounds lost between now and December. I mean, hey, it's 7 months away! Anything could happen! :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009


In May/June last year, I got a tattoo of a Phoenix on my back. I believe I posted this picture (or a variation of it) on my old family blog.

Of course, the Phoenix is a mythical bird that originated in India, but is also important in Egyptian mythology as well. Anyhow, the concept of the Phoenix, if you're unaware, is that rebirth comes from the ashes of the former life. There is constant rebirth. New beginnings. New life.

I got this tattoo last year when I was under the impression that I had graduated from California State University, Fresno (CSUF), and when I was planning on moving away to Phoenix, AZ (irony?). It felt like it was a good marker of the change that was going to happen. A new life. Done with college, moving on to a different city.

I freaked out after being in Phoenix for five days. I kept thinking about various things. I thought about how I wouldn't be able to watch Christian, Austin, and Madison grow up (my amazing nephews and niece). I thought about how more than one of the 'friends' I had in the Phoenix area had snubbed me. I determined that there was really nothing keeping me in Phoenix except for my stubborn ego, that was hell bent on "getting the hell out of Fresno." This of course, was my mindset back then. Back then I felt like nothing had me tied to Fresno, but I was clearly wrong.

For those that weren't aware, I had been back in Fresno for less than a month when I received a letter from CSUF stating that I was 3 units short of graduation. I was furious. My academic adviser let me down. He was certain that I would have no problem graduating because I had so many transferable units from Fresno City College (FCC), but didn't bother to do the minor calculations to determine that CSUF had a cap on their accepted transferable units, and that I didn't meet the residency requirements.

So the whole concept behind me getting the tattoo had been lost. I no longer had what I thought was my bachelors degree, and I freaked out and came back home after 5 days in Phoenix.

Here it is, almost a year later. I graduated in December 2008, I have two awesome jobs, I'm in the best health I've ever been in (despite the fact that I'm still very round, I'd never dreamed before that I could have run 3 miles without stopping, or be able to dance around for 50 minutes to a work out video with my friend Kim and be able to handle it, I could keep going on with examples ---but the point is that I have more endurance, more flexibility, and I've lost and kept off 19 pounds so far). I have a clear idea in mind of what I expect from my future as far as a career (to get my masters and teach at a community college level, Geography and/or Geology). I have great friends (Kim, Aurora, Erika, etc), who love me for who I am and don't expect anything from me (it's been a LONG time since I've been able to say this with confidence). I'm saving money for a new car and after that I'll be moving out. I even have a potential love life in the works!

I am the most proud of the last one at the moment because I did this all by myself. I didn't ask anyone else to let him know I was potentially interested. His name is Justin. He was the best man at my good friend Erika's wedding (he's her husband's best friend). I'd met him a year ago, but didn't think much of it because I was planning to move to Phoenix. I saw him at the wedding and was reminded that I'd been curious before, but because of geographical limitations I wouldn't have wanted to date him at that time. Anyhow, so after the wedding, the next day, I hopped onto my MySpace account and sent him an add request, and I sent him a quick message saying who I was, and that I was interested in getting to know him better. I didn't have anyone else do this for me, and I DIDN'T meet him online, either! The next day after that, he and I were writing back and forth on MySpace for about two hours. He asked me out to go get something to eat, but at the time I wasn't hungry and I was tired (this was this past Monday). I told him I wouldn't mind watching him! He said we could go get something to eat when our schedules sort of matched up. This was last night, Friday, at 8 PM. He took me to go get breakfast at IHOP. So anyway, enough about that...I just want to say that we get along really well, and I'm even more interested in him after spending an hour, just one-on-one with him. :)

So on with the point, yes? I'm really feeling like NOW would have been the idea I had in mind when I got my Phoenix tattoo a year ago. A year ago, it was signifying that my life was changing, new beginnings. Then I discovered I didn't actually graduate. I had to go to school another 6 months. I discovered that I really did have emotional ties to Fresno, so I came back.

...Now is the life I had in mind when I got the Phoenix on my back. The time is now.

Monday, May 11, 2009

A couple of pictures

My niece, Madison, on Mother's day.
I don't know what I like best about this picture... She's wearing her Mom's sunglasses, has her hair in pigtails, the expression on her face...or is it that her pinky is sticking out?
I think it's the pinky sticking out that I like best!

So anyhow, not much new has been going on with me. Between work and don't do much else besides run, sleep, eat, and bathe. I lead a very exciting life. :p

Oh, and here's a picture I took at my friend Erika's wedding. Erika had me make the bridesmaids gifts for the wedding, so I had her and her bridesmaids get together so I could take a picture of the bracelets.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Scarf from Rae!

My long time online friend Rachel (whom I call Rae) made me a scarf for my birthday/Christmas. I love it, but I won't be able to wear it for about another seven months or so!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


I didn't end up with any pictures today. I was too pooped after working 10 1/2 hours, driving an hour to get home, taking a 3 hour nap, skating for 2 I didn't bother.

However, at the roller rink, I only fell down 3 times! Granted, most of the time I spent at the rink today was on carpet (maybe 10 minutes of 2 hours was spent in the actual rink). I have a new move though. I call it "The Ole!" Every time I'd start to fall but was able to recover, I shot my arm up in the air as if I were saying "OLE!" It kept me from falling, and I got a good laugh out of saying "OLE!"

Hopefully in a matter of 2 weeks I'll have health insurance, and then by the end of the month hopefully I'll have skates and gear. I'm not expecting to do anything amazing as of yet or I'm not even expecting to make it passed the concept of being a "passable skater" by the end of the year. But I'm just stubborn enough that I'm keeping with it.

But the skates at the rink were a bit rough on my feet, which is not allowing me to run today. But Tuesday, I'll run!

Stayin' (Alive?)

I also decided to stick around Fresno/Clovis for the next 4 years or so. There were various factors that came into play and I'd rather not mention them all, but I will say some of them. One is that I'd be far away from my family, and while I know that I have to "cut the umbilical cord" someday, I don't know that I'm quite ready to do that when I have no certainties where I was planning to move to. I don't have some amazing job waiting for me. The only thing that was really driving me to it was "it's a change of scenery, a change of pace." I can get this change here, just by moving out on my own after I get my new car.
But why 4 years? Because in a year or so I'll be wanting to start the masters program, and I can just do that here at CSUF. I would probably have greater chances of being accepted at CSUF than at SJSU anyway. I don't know if transferring with a masters works very well, and I'd rather just start it somewhere and finish it at the same place.
I still want to experience what it is like to live alone, and that is another thing that is driving me to stay here. With my current wages, I can nearly afford rent+utilities. I would have to possibly pick up another job or more hours at one of them in order to get my insurance (health and auto) covered, plus monthly car payments.

I'm thinking about asking my parents if I can stay with them a little longer to get my car paid off completely before I attempt to move out. If I'm extremely strict with my spending between now and October (my original hope-to-move-out-date), I could possibly have $5000-6000 saved up, possibly more. If I keep with my current work load now, then I could possibly have a new car paid off by March or April next year if I didn't have to worry about paying rent/utilities/other bills. I understand if they tell me I can't stay with them until I get the car paid off, because I'm 27 and I've been living with them long enough by now. I'm tired of being any sort of a burden to anyone. I'd much rather be at a point in my life where people aren't worrying about me in any way as far as "making ends meet."

Anyway, that's enough for now. :)
I'm going to the roller rink later on today at about 1:30 with my friend Kim (Kim Burly on the roller derby team!). I wonder how many times I'll be falling down?

Right now I'm exhausted. It's almost 7 AM and my relief at the group home should be here in an hour and a half. However he has issues with showing up to work on time. Last week he was almost 10 minutes early though, I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming! Once I get home, I'm napping until about 12:45, then I'll get up and get situated to head to the roller rink.

And my parents are having my brothers Curtis (and his family: his awesome wife Jamie, and kids: Christian, Austin, and Madison) and Alan (and his fiancee, Nithsavath) over later tonight for dinner. I think two of our new neighbors (who are really neat people!) will be there, too! I look forward to it! And I'm also looking forward to the smoked tri-tip! My mouth is already watering!

I'm sure I'll have pictures to show later, since Madison will be there, and she's the world's cutest ham! :)