Monday, December 21, 2009

A brief update!

I've been busy with Christmas festivities and such. We had our Christmas get together on Saturday. I gave Austin his Hylian shield.

Here's a picture of Madison from that night just because she's so adorable and you can see how long her hair is getting!

Nothing else really amazing has been going on, except that I finally finished the necklace I made for my brother's wedding.

I also went and had dinner with my friend Ashli, and it was a blast. We're planning a day road trip to Sequoia on the 30th. It'll be fun! I've always wanted to see it with snow!

My friend Kim and I are going to have a Brittany-Murphy-a-thon on Wednesday to honor Brittany Murphy's passing. While I don't believe she was the world's best actress, she was still very talented and so young (32!). It's a bummer that she passed on. I tend to get upset with celebrities' deaths when you didn't hear a lot about their lives in the media. You didn't hear about them being a wild child or anything of that sort. There's a lot of speculation about whether she had an eating disorder, but I just don't care. Karen Carpenter had an eating disorder and people still loved and adored her (myself included!).

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Job at the school esta morte. ("is dead," Portuguese style)

Old news is old.

I quit my job at the school.

To keep a long story short, my boss's mother got sick so she had to go home to Massachusetts to take care of her shortly after I had finally returned back to work. I came down with a cold, and on top of that I was only working 3-4 days a week at the school, 2-3 hours a day. I had this arrangement with my boss before she had even left. My coworkers decided that they didn't like this. I wasn't putting any effort into the job, and instead of talking to me and discovering said arrangement, they all went out of their way to deliberately me feel uncomfortable and unwelcome. After dealing with their negative attitudes and trash talking behind my back (which I got confirmation of such when my boss returned to work) for three weeks, I put in my two week notice. My boss was upset. She decided to speak with my coworkers about what they did to me. They were all extremely pleased with themselves. Laughing and saying "About time!" and other such similar rude things. It was that day that I determined my job there was completely over. I had no desire to return except to pick up my final paycheck.

I'm sorry, but last I checked, I wasn't a teenager anymore, so I'm not going to put up with teenage-style drama from my coworkers. They weren't really paying me enough anyway. I was working 6-12 hours a week at the time, making just above minimum wage. It truly wasn't worth the difficulty.

So I severed it off like a dying limb.