Friday, October 16, 2009

They gave me the boot!

So I went on Wednesday to have my hot pink cast removed and was put in a boot after x-rays. I will be in the boot for 4 weeks.

I've been walking around without my crutches since last night, but it's slow going. I'm taking constant baby steps because the pressure in the ankle joint is quite a lot and it makes my ankle all tender. It doesn't hurt in the bone, just in the joint. I take that as a good sign.

My amazing boyfriend Jared wants to take me out tonight, for a movie (possibly dinner?). We've been spending most of our time together cooped up in my parents house because I was in a cast before and moving around was a serious pain in the backside. Now it's a different kind of pain in the backside. We're planning to see Couple's Retreat. Though I really want to see Whip It! I'm not going to force him to watch a movie he's not that interested in, and I do want to see Couple's Retreat, so it works out for the best. :)

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