Monday, October 19, 2009


I returned to work at the school today. We had a meeting at 1 PM to go over the new format in the program. It's interesting, and it will take some getting used to, but I'm up for it! My students missed me, and it was a major comfort to see the smiles on their faces. All of my fellow staff members complained to me about how difficult my students were while I was gone. The students they complained about I never had a problem with, but I think it was their way of showing that they missed seeing me around. My students really respect me, and it's empowering, because I never talk down to them or treat them coldly, yet I'm still firm with them when I need to be.

I stayed at the school from 1 until 4, when it started raining buckets and I felt I should hit the road because my car has been acting up all weekend. I think my car missed me, too! It was only being driven, on average, once a week!

I'm really excited for this coming Sunday! My parents are going to be meeting Jared's Mom and Step Dad! I am looking forward to this because I absolutely love his family, and I adore him to pieces!

Nothing else new to report, but I'm hoping to be back to updating this family blog at least once a week!

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