Sunday, October 25, 2009

I feel like some changes are in the air...

Because of some things recently brought to my attention, I'll be spending more time doing things I loved and cherished before I broke my ankle, within reason. Why within reason? I can't run yet, as much as I'd love to go pound the pavement with my New Balance 882s, I can't even walk comfortably with my boot yet. I also can't afford to unfreeze my GB3 account and return to my kickboxing classes.

I feel like my life was starting to transform into something completely alien to me. I was spending a lot of spare time worrying about other things beyond my reach, and instead, I'm going to go back to focusing on what I can control.

What can I control?
-I can control, within reason, my flexibility. I intend on doing sitting/lying yoga poses at least 3 days a week until I can seek other types of exercise as my ankle heals better. I discovered yesterday that I can get down on the ground and back up off of it as long as I am wearing my boot.
-I can control my weight by being strict about the foods I eat again. I'm going to dig around for an empty notebook and begin once again, charting all foods I consume, calories, fat, fiber, and sodium specifically.
-I can control my social interactions based upon other people's schedules. I've been a terrible friend during my whole broken ankle experience, granted, it hasn't been easy to get around, but I could have attempted to make a better effort. Even if I'm seeing just one friend once a week, it's better than never seeing any friends.
-The only other thing I feel I have control over is my education, within reason yet again, because of the state of the economy. However, I can power through with studying for the GRE for at least 2 hours a day, and take the GRE by the end of November.

These are things I can control, and I'm going to.

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