Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween?

Because I didn't really care about getting in any sort of spirit of Halloween this year, I decided to just dress in a roller derby kind of fashion and call myself "Girl with Broken Derby Dreams."

I'm also wearing a zebra print skirt, tights, and a long sleeved black shirt under the pink shirt.

The bottom half of my "costume":

I can't exactly wear a high heel on my right foot, or I'd be extremely unstable.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Yesterday I was dumped. But no, don't feel sorry for me. There is a long drawn out story involved here, and to keep it simple I will just state that I am far too old for immature teenager-style drama. I deserve someone that will be accepting of everything that I am, and everything I'm not (and not make up stories about me saying that I am things that I'm not, that's the worst- UGH!).

The main thing I learned from this experience is that I will no longer accept dating people that are what I have been referring to as "relationship n00bs." This is someone that has no relationship experience, or very little. While I'm not saying I'm the relationship professional, I know quite a bit more than he did regarding relationships.

In most other aspects of life, I'm still more mature than him. I guess what I'm saying is that I truly need to find a man out there that is at the same level of maturity in his life that I am, or more mature, but only slightly.

I'm not suffering, I'm not even sad. I'm frustrated at the juvenile way he went about breaking up with me. It was pathetic.

I've essentially taken myself out of the dating game until I can get myself into great health and start getting my masters. So I'm looking at a year or longer!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I feel like some changes are in the air...

Because of some things recently brought to my attention, I'll be spending more time doing things I loved and cherished before I broke my ankle, within reason. Why within reason? I can't run yet, as much as I'd love to go pound the pavement with my New Balance 882s, I can't even walk comfortably with my boot yet. I also can't afford to unfreeze my GB3 account and return to my kickboxing classes.

I feel like my life was starting to transform into something completely alien to me. I was spending a lot of spare time worrying about other things beyond my reach, and instead, I'm going to go back to focusing on what I can control.

What can I control?
-I can control, within reason, my flexibility. I intend on doing sitting/lying yoga poses at least 3 days a week until I can seek other types of exercise as my ankle heals better. I discovered yesterday that I can get down on the ground and back up off of it as long as I am wearing my boot.
-I can control my weight by being strict about the foods I eat again. I'm going to dig around for an empty notebook and begin once again, charting all foods I consume, calories, fat, fiber, and sodium specifically.
-I can control my social interactions based upon other people's schedules. I've been a terrible friend during my whole broken ankle experience, granted, it hasn't been easy to get around, but I could have attempted to make a better effort. Even if I'm seeing just one friend once a week, it's better than never seeing any friends.
-The only other thing I feel I have control over is my education, within reason yet again, because of the state of the economy. However, I can power through with studying for the GRE for at least 2 hours a day, and take the GRE by the end of November.

These are things I can control, and I'm going to.

Monday, October 19, 2009


I returned to work at the school today. We had a meeting at 1 PM to go over the new format in the program. It's interesting, and it will take some getting used to, but I'm up for it! My students missed me, and it was a major comfort to see the smiles on their faces. All of my fellow staff members complained to me about how difficult my students were while I was gone. The students they complained about I never had a problem with, but I think it was their way of showing that they missed seeing me around. My students really respect me, and it's empowering, because I never talk down to them or treat them coldly, yet I'm still firm with them when I need to be.

I stayed at the school from 1 until 4, when it started raining buckets and I felt I should hit the road because my car has been acting up all weekend. I think my car missed me, too! It was only being driven, on average, once a week!

I'm really excited for this coming Sunday! My parents are going to be meeting Jared's Mom and Step Dad! I am looking forward to this because I absolutely love his family, and I adore him to pieces!

Nothing else new to report, but I'm hoping to be back to updating this family blog at least once a week!

Friday, October 16, 2009

They gave me the boot!

So I went on Wednesday to have my hot pink cast removed and was put in a boot after x-rays. I will be in the boot for 4 weeks.

I've been walking around without my crutches since last night, but it's slow going. I'm taking constant baby steps because the pressure in the ankle joint is quite a lot and it makes my ankle all tender. It doesn't hurt in the bone, just in the joint. I take that as a good sign.

My amazing boyfriend Jared wants to take me out tonight, for a movie (possibly dinner?). We've been spending most of our time together cooped up in my parents house because I was in a cast before and moving around was a serious pain in the backside. Now it's a different kind of pain in the backside. We're planning to see Couple's Retreat. Though I really want to see Whip It! I'm not going to force him to watch a movie he's not that interested in, and I do want to see Couple's Retreat, so it works out for the best. :)