Monday, July 20, 2009

Mime Time

Sorry for the lack in entries again, I've been pretty busy between work, roller derby, going to the gym, and dating (well, two dates, same guy, in the last week, third set for Wednesday). The little bit of free time I have lately I spend it running errands (I still need to get my oil changed, about 400 miles over) or playing video games with Austin and Madison.

So first let me post this picture of me at the bout:

I ended up being in control of the time, so I was the Time Mime. :)

In weight loss news, I've officially lost 30 pounds since October last year! I'm down to 242 as of this moment. I've decided once I hit my 1/3rd mark to my goal (another 8 pounds), that I'm going to go on a small road trip. Maybe hop over to the coast for the day, or skedaddle down to Magic Mountain if I can find someone to go with. Maybe even just go up to Sacramento to visit my friend Stacey from college for the day. Who knows? We'll see when I get to that point. I don't know though, if I stay at the pace I managed for last week (I dropped 4 1/2 pounds), I might be making this trip in 2 weeks.

As for the dating world... I was getting ready to throw in the towel again and just give up, when I was contacted by a guy on OkCupid, Jared. At first he was just asking me for profile advice, which I gave. Then he asked me how I was and what I was up to. Work, gym, and roller derby, I told him, said I didn't get up to much else. He suggested I join him for some things he'd been wanting to do, and he asked me to join him for Jamba Juice the next day. So our first date was on Thursday last week (Jamba Juice and air hockey (plus a lot of talking)), and our second on Sunday (A small get together with some of his family and his roommate and a movie (The Hangover, and it was hilarious!). We also had two small smooches at the end of this date (and I like that, because it was enough to say "yes, duh, I'm interested" but enough also to say "I like the pace this is going," which is relatively slow)). Our third date is set for Wednesday. I'm not sure what we're going to be getting up to. He's leaving it as a secret, but he said as a hint that it was near Fresno State and then he asked me if I was afraid of heights. I think he's taking me indoor rock climbing!

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