Friday, July 24, 2009

Highlights from our third date

So on Wednesday, my Dad's birthday, I took him out to dinner. Jared joined us along with obviously my Mom, and not as obviously my Aunt Ginny. After dinner, Jared was going to take me to this surprise place for our third date, but it was closed! But I had guessed right, I guessed he was going to take me indoor rock climbing. So instead, we ended up at Fashion Fair. We walked from one end of the mall to the other and back halfway or so, and then cut out to the shops that were added to the parking lot. We ended up in one shop, I can't remember what it was, but it was one of those hip-trendy shops like American Eagle Outfitters or something along those lines. They had a bunch of hats in there, and he and I just kept trying on hats. He said I looked cute in this one, but I have a firm theory that I look stupid in all hats in existence.

He's crazy, right?

So after that we went back to Mom and Dad's house and cuddled on my bed watching Step Brothers, which I'd never seen. I actually laughed quite a bit more than I had expected to, because Will Ferrell movies are either really great, or really...really bad. I don't know that I'd say it's to the caliber of Stranger Than Fiction, but it was pretty good.
We ended up spending the whole night chit chatting and fell asleep.
But not before he could ask me if I'd like to join him in going to Germany in October!
I told him that I'd have to see if I could afford it and get the time off at work (at the group home anyway, getting time off at the school is usually pretty easy as long as no one else requests time off as well). I have about $600 saved already that was going toward getting a new car, but I guess we'll see when it gets closer if I'd be able to afford it and if it would really be a smart decision.

On Sunday afternoon however, I'll be making my (usually) annual trip down to Phoenix. Sadly though, it's only for about 4 days this time, usually it's a week and a half to two weeks (but like I said, sometimes it's hard to get time off!). I won't be taking my laptop with me on this trip down (normally I would), but I'd rather have a more simple vacation, without the need for the internet.
I will be taking my camera though, so there will be plenty of pictures, I'm sure. :)

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