Thursday, May 21, 2009

Quick update

I joined a gym because I keep making excuses for running right now. The main one is the heat because my fingers swell when I run in the heat. I don't like it. So I went today after I ran all of my errands, and discovered that after not running for a week and a half, my endurance has taken a hit. I could only run 1/4th of a mile without stopping today. Probably more if I would have really pushed myself, but it was difficult. I think I will redo part of the couch to 5k program with the podcasts at the gym because now I'm not really setting the pace, the treadmill is setting the pace.

I went out with Justin a few times, but things just didn't fit up right. And that's cool. He's a nice funny guy, but things just didn't fit. It was sort of like trying to mash the wrong puzzle piece in at the wrong spot. Just didn't fit. :)

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