Friday, April 10, 2009

This week in Mil's snoozefest of a life!

I drove up to San Jose on Tuesday night after work at the school. I hadn't been up there since my car accident on St. Patrick's day two years ago. I was a little nervous driving up there, but by the time it was time to drive home I was fine. I think I was just feeling paranoid that I would end up in yet another car accident where the guy who was at fault didn't know any English and ended up running before the cops arrived.

So anyway, on Wednesday, my birthday, my friend Mel and I watched the movie Penelope, which I've seen before, I thought was an amazing movie. I still get frustrated over the fact that that one prick guy in the movie thinks she's so ugly...

I think she's still beautiful with the "pig nose."

...anyhow, after we watched that, we went out to eat at Britannia Arms on Almaden with Gabe (Mel's roommate/best friend), and Perry (Mel's boyfriend). I had some Bangers and Mash. So yum! We went back to Mel's apartment and ate birthday cake that Mel made for me (chocolate with strawberry frosting) and watched I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, which I don't think I'll ever tire laughing at.

On Thursday morning I hit the road to head home, stopping at the Gilroy outlets to get a pair of running shoes. I told myself I wouldn't buy any until after I paid off my credit card, but my credit card was going to be paid off today, so I let myself buy them because I happened to be on my way home on Thursday. Big deal, right? Anyway, I discovered that I am flat footed and I supinate, which means that as I run my feet roll out. Apparently flat footed people are more likely to pronate, which means to roll your feet in as you run. The man that helped me at the New Balance store said that in all his years of working with shoes, I'm only the second flat footed person he's met that supinates. So anyway, I ended up with some New Balance Women's 882 in 11 1/2 D!

As I sort of mentioned above, I finally paid off my credit card. This means that all of my extra money will be pushed right into my savings account. After my trip to LA/SB next week, I won't be spending any extra money anywhere. Gas and the occasional trip to the grocery store...and any possible unforeseen purchases that may arise. I need to start saving as soon as possible to get my new (used) car. I'm looking for something that gets decent gas mileage and won't cost me a boat load of money. Especially considering that when I move up to San Jose I don't plan on driving my car every day and instead take advantage of the bus and BART system. Also, if I end up going to a community college up there before applying to SJSU, the community college is only about a mile and a half away from Mel's apartment. I can walk, and when money permits I can get a bicycle (and force myself to learn how to ride it, lol).

So anyway, that's what's been going on with me as of late. I'm not leading a very exciting life at the moment. lol Sorry!

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