Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Adventure: Street Surfing

I was always one of those people that was afraid to get hurt so never really tried anything too adventurous. I decided to ditch this persona not too long ago, and keep attempting to try things I was always too afraid to try in my youth, or things that young Mil would completely steer clear from.

The most recent adventurous thing I attempted was Sunday. My niece Madison had her 4th birthday party (I'll update later tonight with pictures from the party), and once the party was over we all went outside into my brother Curt and sister-in-law Jamie's front yard. My nephews, Christian and Austin, got out their skateboards and were lying down on them rolling down the driveway. My Dad laughed calling it "street surfing." At any rate, Curt suggested I try it. At first I said "No I don't think so!" But then I remembered my attempt to become more adventurous.

I rode down the driveway with my back on a skateboard. It was pretty fun, actually. But once I hit the bump to get onto the road I fell off the board and I just started laughing. I got a little road rash on my hand, but nothing massive.

Next up? To buy a bicycle and force myself to learn! I was always so afraid of falling off and getting hurt. My Dad got irritated and gave up on me ever learning when I was about 8 years old because I was a stubborn ass, so I never really forced myself to learn back then. If I weren't such a stubborn ass back then, maybe Dad would have kept trying to teach me.

Next after that? I'm going to start visiting the roller rink to get started on joining No Town's roller derby team. (I might do this before the bicycle, since it's cheaper to make a few trips to the roller rink than it is to buy a bicycle.)

And when I hit my ideal weight? I'm jumping out of an airplane, tandem.

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