Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rollin' With My Homies

So on Sunday I'm going to get a short nap after work and then I'm going to head off to the roller rink to start getting my sea legs. It's been a really long time since I've had skates on my feet (try something like 18 years!), so I really need to do this to make sure I'm up for it. I'm about 90% sure I'm stubborn enough to keep at it, even if I end up with road rash all over the place, lol. I want this. I want this more than I've wanted anything in my life (and you have no idea how much I'm longing for prince charming to come knocking at my door with a box of Bordeaux from See's in hand!).

I also determined that my Derby name will end up being Zero Wing. Some of you might get the reference, some of you will definitely not. It depends on how nerdy you are coupled with how much you are into video games.

But here's a Wikipedia article on Zero Wing. Brief explanation: 1989 video game which has a poorly translated introduction. If you've ever heard the phrase "All your base are belong to us," Zero Wing is where it came from.

...If the number "00" (that is double zeros) is not taken by any of the other girls on the team, I'll be snatching that number, but if not, I'll probably go for "89," the year the game was made.

(P.S.: I'm thinking of the movie Clueless in the title of this blog entry.)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

You're 4!

Madison, my beautiful niece, turned 4 on the 23rd, and this passed Sunday we had a party for her.

Her hat kept falling off.

Someone got this hat for her, and I swear I think she looks gangster in this picture!

Opening one of the many little gifts I got her. My good friend Aurora drew a picture of Madison for me. :)

Madison's birthday cake. Baked by my Mom, decorated by my sister-in-law Jamie.

Blowing out candles!

Most beautiful 4 year old, EVER!

3 Miles

Oh, I also ran 3 miles today, in 47 minutes. :)

Adventure: Street Surfing

I was always one of those people that was afraid to get hurt so never really tried anything too adventurous. I decided to ditch this persona not too long ago, and keep attempting to try things I was always too afraid to try in my youth, or things that young Mil would completely steer clear from.

The most recent adventurous thing I attempted was Sunday. My niece Madison had her 4th birthday party (I'll update later tonight with pictures from the party), and once the party was over we all went outside into my brother Curt and sister-in-law Jamie's front yard. My nephews, Christian and Austin, got out their skateboards and were lying down on them rolling down the driveway. My Dad laughed calling it "street surfing." At any rate, Curt suggested I try it. At first I said "No I don't think so!" But then I remembered my attempt to become more adventurous.

I rode down the driveway with my back on a skateboard. It was pretty fun, actually. But once I hit the bump to get onto the road I fell off the board and I just started laughing. I got a little road rash on my hand, but nothing massive.

Next up? To buy a bicycle and force myself to learn! I was always so afraid of falling off and getting hurt. My Dad got irritated and gave up on me ever learning when I was about 8 years old because I was a stubborn ass, so I never really forced myself to learn back then. If I weren't such a stubborn ass back then, maybe Dad would have kept trying to teach me.

Next after that? I'm going to start visiting the roller rink to get started on joining No Town's roller derby team. (I might do this before the bicycle, since it's cheaper to make a few trips to the roller rink than it is to buy a bicycle.)

And when I hit my ideal weight? I'm jumping out of an airplane, tandem.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

2.2 Miles

So I ran earlier today, and I managed to accomplish 2.2 miles after I hadn't ran in a week! I am still very impressed with myself, considering I had thought I would only be able to handle 1/2 a mile. I didn't give in, and I kept pushing at it. Before I know it, I'll be able to run more than 5 miles without stopping!

I feel very well otherwise. I haven't been sick in about two months, and I think I owe this to the fact that I've been taking something like 700 mg of Vitamin C daily. (Don't worry, I looked it up, over 1000 mg of Vitamin C daily is potentially toxic, so I'm in the clear.) Even my allergies haven't been so bad (coupled with my allergy pills, Vitamin C is also supposed to help stave off allergy problems. Ahh, the things we learn from the internet)!

(Another thing I learned from the internet recently? The difference in ceiling fan rotation! In hot summer months, you should have your fan set to counter-clockwise. In cold winter months, it should be set to clockwise. This is the best way to make use of your ceiling fan. I discovered there was an issue with my fan this passed weekend when it was 83+ degrees in my bedroom when I was trying to sleep between shifts at the group home. So I took it upon myself to look up the difference in ceiling fan rotation. And although my thermostat still says its 83 in my room (I just looked), the ceiling fan being on makes it more bearable!)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Traveling and such

I went to Downtown LA earlier this week to visit my good friend Aurora. We went hiking in Griffith Park, gorged on pizza, and watched Twilight on the only full day I spent there. (Arrived on Monday afternoon and left on Wednesday morning.) I had tons of fun. I also found myself enjoying Twilight far more than I expected to. I think part of it is that it's just so ridiculously cheesy that it's hard not to laugh about.

On Wednesday morning I hit the road for Santa Barbara, I was supposed to be staying the night at my college friend Michelle's apartment near UCSB, but she was so slammed with being busy that after I met up with my friend Chris and spent a few hours with him, I decided to hit the road for home.

I managed to twist my ankle a little bit during the hike in Griffith Park, and I went through with ignoring the slight pain until I got back home on Wednesday night. I woke on Thursday morning to my ankle and knee being in agony. For this reason, I haven't gone on any runs since I've been back home. This means I haven't ran in a week! I'm worried that when I go running tomorrow (Sunday), I won't be able to hang for 30 minutes. I'm going to try though! The point is that I try, right?

So at work at the group home, there have been two times over the last two weeks that one resident's point tally for the day has totaled 408. 408 is the area code for the bay area, for anyone that is unknowing. I feel like San Jose is calling my name because of this. haha! But I have an order of importance right now.
1) Buy new car
2) Move to San Jose

The sooner the better. I refer to my current lifestyle as "pretend I'm flat broke." I will be living to the bare minimum for the next 6 months so I can get my car ASAP.

I actually stopped by Office Depot yesterday morning and was surprised to see a "Now Hiring!" sign in the door! I thought about applying right then and there, but I was too tired. So the plan is to head back over there some time this week and go ahead and reapply. I worked there for almost 3 years, so they don't even have to train me if they rehired me. The main point here is that I only have one solid month of pay at the school until that is over (it will be over in early June). So I will want to find a second job to help me bring in more money to get my car sooner. I want to live in San Jose already.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I'm looking forward to Easter Brunch in 8 1/2 hours or so, but I'm also exhausted beyond all comprehension! I got about 3 1/2 hours of sleep between work shifts yesterday because I went to my friend Erika's bridal shower. I only stayed for about 2 hours (was hoping to only stay 1, but I was the first person there, and Erika was even 20 minutes late). I felt it was necessary that I attend, seeing as how I'm making the bridesmaid gifts. At least I got to spend some time with Erika, her sister Stephanie, and our friend Jenny. We talked a lot about eating healthy and running.

Today will be a complete strain on me and my body. Normally I'd go home and take a nap for a few hours, wake up then have my run. But today, once I get home, family will be over for Easter. They probably won't leave until up to 4 PM. So I'll get to take maybe a 2 hour nap before getting up for my run. After that, I'm going to shower and pack for my LA/SB trip, then go back to bed. I don't have any absolute specific time to get down to LA on Monday, but I was planning on avoiding the concept of rush hour all together and hitting LA before 3 PM. As of this moment, I don't know if that will happen or not. If not, I'll be aiming to hit LA at 7 or 8 PM to avoid the rush hour crazies.

I really am looking forward to my trip. At least I just have to make it through the next 12 hours or so...(5 at work)...and then I can pass out!

Speaking of work. I got a prank call about an hour and a half ago at the group home's phone number. It creeped me out. I walked around and double checked that every window and door were locked. I checked to make sure the resident that had a cell phone in his possession at bed time wasn't screwing around with me, because it sounded like it could have possibly been him. But he seemed to be out cold.

I don't know, but it was enough to make me feel uncomfortable!

Friday, April 10, 2009

This week in Mil's snoozefest of a life!

I drove up to San Jose on Tuesday night after work at the school. I hadn't been up there since my car accident on St. Patrick's day two years ago. I was a little nervous driving up there, but by the time it was time to drive home I was fine. I think I was just feeling paranoid that I would end up in yet another car accident where the guy who was at fault didn't know any English and ended up running before the cops arrived.

So anyway, on Wednesday, my birthday, my friend Mel and I watched the movie Penelope, which I've seen before, I thought was an amazing movie. I still get frustrated over the fact that that one prick guy in the movie thinks she's so ugly...

I think she's still beautiful with the "pig nose."

...anyhow, after we watched that, we went out to eat at Britannia Arms on Almaden with Gabe (Mel's roommate/best friend), and Perry (Mel's boyfriend). I had some Bangers and Mash. So yum! We went back to Mel's apartment and ate birthday cake that Mel made for me (chocolate with strawberry frosting) and watched I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, which I don't think I'll ever tire laughing at.

On Thursday morning I hit the road to head home, stopping at the Gilroy outlets to get a pair of running shoes. I told myself I wouldn't buy any until after I paid off my credit card, but my credit card was going to be paid off today, so I let myself buy them because I happened to be on my way home on Thursday. Big deal, right? Anyway, I discovered that I am flat footed and I supinate, which means that as I run my feet roll out. Apparently flat footed people are more likely to pronate, which means to roll your feet in as you run. The man that helped me at the New Balance store said that in all his years of working with shoes, I'm only the second flat footed person he's met that supinates. So anyway, I ended up with some New Balance Women's 882 in 11 1/2 D!

As I sort of mentioned above, I finally paid off my credit card. This means that all of my extra money will be pushed right into my savings account. After my trip to LA/SB next week, I won't be spending any extra money anywhere. Gas and the occasional trip to the grocery store...and any possible unforeseen purchases that may arise. I need to start saving as soon as possible to get my new (used) car. I'm looking for something that gets decent gas mileage and won't cost me a boat load of money. Especially considering that when I move up to San Jose I don't plan on driving my car every day and instead take advantage of the bus and BART system. Also, if I end up going to a community college up there before applying to SJSU, the community college is only about a mile and a half away from Mel's apartment. I can walk, and when money permits I can get a bicycle (and force myself to learn how to ride it, lol).

So anyway, that's what's been going on with me as of late. I'm not leading a very exciting life at the moment. lol Sorry!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Unreal birthday, and it hasn't even come yet.

For the last three days, I'd received gifts in the mail from my two best Australian pals, Josh and Tim, who happen to be brothers. The first day I received a keychain and a wristband with the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess logos on them.
The next day, it was a can of Slurm from Futurama.
The next day, it was a Captain Yesterday figurine, also from Futurama, which if you didn't know is one of my favorite TV shows of all time. I've seen every episode so many times I can actually quote the series at length.

On Tuesday after work at the school, I'm going to be driving up to San Jose to spend two nights with my future roommate, Mel. So I'll actually be in San Jose on my birthday! I'm excited, because the last time I did anything somewhat major on my birthday was when I turned 21, and I drove down to Morro Bay. The day after my birthday I had a lump show up on the side of my head. I assumed it was a spider bite because I had been working in the field for my parents. No. It wasn't a spider bite. It was the node from a batch of shingles. I think that's part of the reason I was turned off of doing anything major for my birthday since then.

So anyway, the following week, on Monday morning, I'm going to drive down to Los Angeles to visit my friend Aurora for two days, then stop in Santa Barbara and visit my friends Michelle and Chris for a day, then I'll be back home again.

I'm just excited for spring break already! I still have to work at the group home, and that's okay, because I need the money anyway! But I'm ready for my trips!