Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So I had, not too long ago, come to the realization that I really want to move away from Fresno sometime soon (i.e. within the next year or two), to go to another university to get my masters. I had determined I was more than likely to get my masters in Geology because most Geography masters programs are too focused on technical (GIS). So I was looking at:
-UC-Santa Barbara: Too expensive, really low rate of acceptance to the university, particularly the Geography program. Program is also far too technical.
-CSU-Fulterton: No real negative things to say about what my research found, except that I don't really know very many people in the LA area (or in the Santa Barbara area either).

I had recently made a post on a different blog I use (that is set to private so the regular viewing public can't access it) about classes I was thinking about taking at Fresno City College to help boost my GPA. My good friend Melanie from San Jose (my ex-boyfriend Jeremy's best friend's roommate--say that 5 times fast) left me a comment suggesting I move up to San Jose and become her roommate when Gabe (the current roommate) moves out in October when he gets married.

This didn't seem like a horrible idea. So I looked up the masters program at SJSU. The Geography program is too technical, but the Geology program sounds to be very ideal.

So considering facts about this situation:
-Melanie and I get along great, and I already have several friends in the bay area.
-It's about 2 1/2 hours away from Fresno/Clovis.
-I like San Jose, a lot, and always have.
-With a roommate, the cost of living in San Jose isn't too terrible.
-I can do the same plan I was planning to do in Fresno (go to FCC for a couple of semesters then start applying to masters programs).
-The Geology program at SJSU is ideal.

I mean, it really is an ideal situation. I feel more confident in a decision to move somewhere like San Jose over somewhere like Santa Barbara or Fullerton.

Before I make any solid decisions, the biggest priority at the moment is getting a new car, because mine is basically on its last legs.
I'm also going to have to start job hunting a lot up there, as well.

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