Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So I had, not too long ago, come to the realization that I really want to move away from Fresno sometime soon (i.e. within the next year or two), to go to another university to get my masters. I had determined I was more than likely to get my masters in Geology because most Geography masters programs are too focused on technical (GIS). So I was looking at:
-UC-Santa Barbara: Too expensive, really low rate of acceptance to the university, particularly the Geography program. Program is also far too technical.
-CSU-Fulterton: No real negative things to say about what my research found, except that I don't really know very many people in the LA area (or in the Santa Barbara area either).

I had recently made a post on a different blog I use (that is set to private so the regular viewing public can't access it) about classes I was thinking about taking at Fresno City College to help boost my GPA. My good friend Melanie from San Jose (my ex-boyfriend Jeremy's best friend's roommate--say that 5 times fast) left me a comment suggesting I move up to San Jose and become her roommate when Gabe (the current roommate) moves out in October when he gets married.

This didn't seem like a horrible idea. So I looked up the masters program at SJSU. The Geography program is too technical, but the Geology program sounds to be very ideal.

So considering facts about this situation:
-Melanie and I get along great, and I already have several friends in the bay area.
-It's about 2 1/2 hours away from Fresno/Clovis.
-I like San Jose, a lot, and always have.
-With a roommate, the cost of living in San Jose isn't too terrible.
-I can do the same plan I was planning to do in Fresno (go to FCC for a couple of semesters then start applying to masters programs).
-The Geology program at SJSU is ideal.

I mean, it really is an ideal situation. I feel more confident in a decision to move somewhere like San Jose over somewhere like Santa Barbara or Fullerton.

Before I make any solid decisions, the biggest priority at the moment is getting a new car, because mine is basically on its last legs.
I'm also going to have to start job hunting a lot up there, as well.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Run Forrest, Run!

I've totally and completely adopted a runner's mentality.

When it's windy, I say, "Yay! A chance for more endurance training!"

When I've had the stomach flu the night before, I say, "Oh well, can't miss a run!"

When my shoes start falling apart, I say, "Yay, it's time to get some new awesome running shoes!" (Keep in mind that my 'running shoes' right now are actually 'basketball shoes' because I've been too broke/lazy to go buy some running shoes!)

When a friend asks me to hang out, I say, "Sure, but I've gotta do my run, first!"

When I must eat before a run, I say, "Okay, as long as it's not going to give me heartburn or make me barf!"

When I have to blow my nose, I say, "Gotta push through it," as I lift my shirt up and blow my nose on the inside of my shirt. (Mom suggests I start carrying one of dad's handkerchiefs on my runs. Probably not a bad idea.)

So anyway... I don't let anyone or anything get in the way of my running schedule as it now stands. On Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, you can find me running around near my Mom and Dad's housing complex.

I love running. I'm a runner.

Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm ready to go!

Since my last post in here I've lost 5 pounds. To date: I've lost 19.5 pounds.
I'm on week 5 of the Couch to 5k program, and by Thursday I should be able to run for 20 minutes straight without stopping! I'm ready to go! Is it Thursday yet?
I need to get actual running shoes though, mostly because my shoes are falling apart in the heels, but also because I've kept with it for 5 weeks already, this is obviously a life change I'm intent on making.

April 13th to April 16th, I'm planning on going to visit a friend in Santa Barbara for a day then heading down to Los Angeles to visit my good friend Aurora for two days. I'm ready to go! Is it April 13th yet? Originally I was supposed to go to Phoenix to visit Barb, but she's going to be in Montreal for about a month because her mother has been in and out of the hospital frequently lately. So the Phoenix trip was canceled, yet again.

There's nothing else really pertinent to report, aside from the fact that my credit card debt is cut in more than half at the moment. I'll be applying my birthday money toward my debt, as well, so that will slash it in half again, I think. Then, I'll only have a small amount to pay off. After that is paid off, I will be saving every dime that I can to put toward getting a new car. Hopefully I'll be able to afford said new (used) car by July or so, so that way I can afford to move out in August. That's the floor plan, anyway.
I really want to experience what it's like to live alone, even if it's for a short while before I move away to go to school. I want to see what it's like to be the only person I have to rely on, I want to know what it's like to live alone (After hearing several horror stories from friends about their roommates). It's just something I feel I must do.

Oh, also I've been looking throughout the State of California for masters programs in Geography and Geology. At the moment, I'm very interested in going away somewhere else in the state for my degree, so I can experience a completely different kind of life and living. I've been looking at CSU-Fullerton. As much as I'd love to get accepted to UC-Santa Barbara because their program is amazing and I already have a fellow CSU-Fresno graduate there getting her masters, I know that my GPA isn't good enough, and their acceptance rates for the program isn't very high (100+ applicants, 25 accepted). I decided that I will enroll in classes at Fresno City College for the fall and spring semester while I'm also working on taking the GRE and experiencing living on my own but still near my family. The classes at FCC will hopefully help boost my GPA a little bit, even if it's a little bit, I can show the colleges I'd be applying to my "straight A" transcripts since my last semester at CSUF. So that's the plan for now. I've got my eye on CSU-Fullerton.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Health updates

I have my last day of week 3 of the Couch to 5k program tomorrow. I feel super motivated. Especially since I'm actually seeing and feeling results from being more physically active. I have a lot more physical energy (sometimes I'm tired, but my body still has a lot of energy!), and I can pull my buttoned and zipped size 22 pants off.
I've dropped below 260, and am presently at 257.5. Also my last blood pressure reading was 117/81. So I feel like I'm doing pretty well! I've just been eating healthier and writing down absolutely everything that I eat in a food diary. I've also been doing my couch to 5k jaunts 3 days a week and I've been doing yoga or things on Wii Fit 2-3 days a week.
Speaking of which, my Wii Fit age is 26. When I first did my Wii Fit body test I was 34! In two days it dropped down to my actual age!

Another awesome thing to happen in my life recently, is that I slashed my debt in more than half. It was about $1300, and now it's $550. It is looking pretty good for me that I'll have it paid off by the end of the month! That's the goal anyway!

I've just been focusing all of my energy and time on working and being healthy. I haven't even been actively pursuing a love life since I broke up with Steve. I just feel like it's the part of my life that I can't control, so why bother trying to?

So I feel like I'm doing a lot better in my life right now! :)