Sunday, February 8, 2009

This new year is going to kill me if it keeps this way...

This year has already proved to be quite difficult.

-We discovered our old house was broken into. They actually didn't get into the house, just the storage shed out back. But they ransacked everything and took a lot of our belongings, and destroyed some as well.
-My car was acting up so I took it to the shop and discovered it has an expiration date. I must get a new car by March 2010, because the catalytic converter is shot and the car won't pass it's next smog check.
-I broke up with Steve. It just wasn't working and it felt like it was all one sided and that I was doing all of the work. So instead of pretending there was something there, I cut it off like a dying limb.
-I started the credential program at CSUF but I determined that wasn't really what I wanted to do, so instead, I dropped out and got information about applying to the masters program in the Fall. I figured it would be best to pull out of the classes now so it appeared I didn't take any classes this semester, instead of trying to stick with it and ending up with "F" or "W" marks because it wasn't what I really wanted to do. So I'm figuring out what I need to get in order to apply to the CSUF masters program for Geology. (My goal was to be able to teach at a community college level, and you don't need a teaching credential for that. Minimum required is a masters degree!)
-On my way to an interview for a second job on Wednesday, I got in a car accident. I was rear-ended on Herndon between Cedar and Milbrook in Fresno. Oh, it was fun. (Not really.) The good thing to come out of this is that there is no major damage to my car, just a bit of scratches and fractured paint.
-I woke up the following morning with a horrible sore throat. I've been off-and-on feverish, and it's been difficult to eat because my throat hurts that bad. Stupid me, I don't have health insurance, but what's the most they could do? Give me cough syrup with codeine? Big deal. I can just suffer and wait for it to get better!

Things I hope to get sorted within the next handful of months (or however long it takes me):
-Ensure that I have the second job (I was told to call on Monday if I was interested). It's for an after school program.
-Finish paying off my credit card.
-Get health insurance.
-Get a new car.
-Get my own apartment.

I hope to have all of the above completed by August of this year. So wish me luck!!

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